The group of meat-eating macho’s is expected to laugh at the good men at home who eat nun food.

But in fact, when it comes to boudoir fun, the nun food representatives will laugh to the end.

A new study finds that vegetarians can enjoy a better sexual life than meat eaters.

Because certain vegetarian foods (tofu) can affect hormone levels in the body and improve the quality of sexual life.

An article published by professor Michael Wasserman from the University of California Berkeley:

First observe the link between plants containing so-called sex hormone phytoestrogens and the behavior of wildlife.

A group of red colobus monkeys from Uganda was the subject of this study.

The researchers recorded foods that monkeys have eaten for more than 11 months, chasing up and down events, mating frequency, and grooming time.

Researchers also collected stool samples to Assess changes in hormone levels.

Researchers have found that monkeys that feed on hard leaf, vine leaves, a tropical tree containing estrogen compounds, spend more time mating.

Wasserman told Science live:

“Plants play a major role in altering hormone levels in monkeys and participating in important social behaviors in reproduction and health, and the beneficiaries also include humans.”

Another project researched by Professor Hank Rothgerber:

This is the exact opposite of the point in this article,.

But PETA (Animal Management) advocates that fruit and vegetables are the key point of masculinity.

PETA believes that a large amount of cholesterol in meat, eggs, and dairy products will block our arteries and blood vessels, and slow down the blood flow in the body.

On the other hand, there is no cholesterol in vegetarian food.

So most vegetarians are slimmer than meat eaters, and Not vulnerable to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and cancer.

Mimi Bekhechi, deputy director of the PETA organization, said:

They can flow unparalleled love overnight.

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