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We were cheated – These 6 foods are not vegetarian

Many of the most common foods are considered vegetarian, but they actually contain non-vegetarian ingredients.

Vegetarians and non-vegetarians need to pay attention when considering whether they are green foods.

The common foods listed below are often considered vegetarian, but they are not recognized by vegetarians.

1. Mint sugar

Although fresh mint sugar is good for a fresh breath, it does not meet your vegetarian needs.

Mint sugar contains gel, a thickening component used to increase the consistency of fudge and yogurt jelly, derived from collagen from a variety of animal byproducts.

The gel acts as an aromatic agent in the thin-charged sugar composition.

In 2011, the mint sugar production company changed the raw materials of wintergreen mint sugar with blue edible pigments.

Mint sugar, marked with sugar-free fruit, is not gel-free and can be a vegetarian option.

2. Bananas

Potassium-rich bananas may appear to be vegan, but to prolong their shelf life, bananas are often coated with a layer of protection, which may contain animal ingredients.

According to the Daily Science, carbohydrate is a bacterium-based compound derived from shrimp and crab shells that prevents the banana from getting through, softening, and rotting.

This is bad for vegetarians and for those who are allergic to shellfish.

The banana itself is a good food, but the paint used to extend the shelf life makes it a non-vegetarian food.

Gina Jitley, a New York-based nutritionist at Gillette Medical Nutrition Treatment, sent an email to “Daily Medicine”, saying:

3. Beer

If it is vegetarian, not all beer is served.

Guinness uses the fish as a clarifying agent to break out unnecessary residues in the brewing process and guide the final product in your hand.

However, the beer company no longer labels this ingredient.

According to Gretel, some brands use the fish-in-the-bottle to screen yeast, so British liquor brands tend to use the tropical fish-in-the-bottle filter.

She suggested choosing American brands such as Budweiser and Silver Bullet, which was good for vegetarians.

4. Chips

Animal enzymes and plant enzymes are not sometimes distinguished on the nutritional composition labels on the chip packaging.

The Frito-Lay website explains that enzymes extracted from pork are used in some cheese condiments.

While the baked potato chips in the grille taste contain chicken oil, the Frito’s chips also have pork-free chips that can be purchased by vegetarians.

5. orange juice

Orange juice is sold on the market because it is “good for the heart”, meaning that manufacturers adds Omega-3s.

Which is extracted from anchovies, roafes and sardines, unless they are synthesized.

The added vitamin D comes from the wool fat, but it also varies by brand, said Gretel.

She suggested that you choose to juice freshly in orange juice to avoid non-vegetarian ingredients.

6. Supplements and vitamins

Both the general and strictly vegetarian who wish to maintain their daily nominal intake of vitamins and minerals should choose supplements and vitamins without a glue cap.

Genny Ann Freeman, a gynecologist in New York, told Daily Medicine that:

“The glue cap is non-vegetarian, and a capsule is made of gel, usually beef (it may also be something from fish, but less likely). ”

She thinks that many people do not realize this when selling supplements and vitamins.

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