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What Do Vegans Eat?

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The best way to answer the question, what do vegans eat ?, is to know the opposite.

What do vegans NOT eat?

Vegans veer away from any food product derived from animals.

So scratch meat, fish, eggs and dairy products off the grocery list.

They also avoid those that use animal products or byproducts or were made by exploiting animals.

White sugar, for example, sometimes is made using bone char which is derived from cattle bones.

Veganism doesn’t force you to drink black coffee, you can either use certified vegan sugar or sweeten things up with natural sweeteners like agave.

Do you love snacking on gummy bears? How about Jell-O? Love marshmallows?

Will knowing that these sweets are made from collagen extracted from the skins, bones and connective tissues of animals help you make the jump to veganism?

Or at least make you jump from your seat and head for the sink?

There’s no pride in wearing fake branded clothes.

You should be ashamed if you’re brandishing your new Louis Vitton or Birkin bag which is in fact an imitation.

But there is no shame in eating fake meat. No, we’re not talking about card boards that are soaked and minced then mixed with or passed off as ground meat.

Mock meats are made from plant protein and come in different shapes and textures.

You can still enjoy your hot dogs, burgers and even bacon thanks to these mock meats.

As for your dairy needs, switch to products made from soy, nuts, rice, and seeds.

You can complete your vegan burger experience by adding a splash of vegan mayo and a slice of vegan cheese.

Many companies are now aware of the veganism and its impact particularly on their sales.

This is why many are now offering products that will satisfy vegans.

If you are finding it hard to stock up on vegan products and the clerk at the local grocery store isn’t too helpful, try buying online from specialty stores.

So I think we answer the question: what do vegans eat ?

Now you know what vegans eat and what they avoid.

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