What is a Low Fat Raw Vegan Diet?

Vegan diets are rightly very popular at present.

This is because people are learning, thanks to the latest in nutritional research (and despite the meat and dairy industry propaganda), and with the help of people pioneering the way as living proof of how healthy a vegan diet can be.

It’s quite obvious if you look around in Western society that whatever we are eating now is NOT good for our health or our waistlines.

Not all vegan diets are created equal but generally they are a start to help people get away from most conventional processed food.

As people begin to eat a plant-based diet they may begin to intuitively gravitate towards raw foods. 

Raw foods are “living foods” and are therefore considered to be the most beneficial for health.

When most people begin a raw vegan diet they often begin with “gourmet” raw which includes a lot of nuts and seeds (fats).

This is not optimal.

A low fat raw vegan diet is the perfect diet for humans.

Humans used carbohydrates not only for fuel to get through the day but also for creating proteins in the body such as new organ tissue, immune cells, and blood cells (an abundance of carbohydrates is essential for DNA transcription).

The brain almost exclusively uses carbohydrates as fuel, as do the red blood cells and nervous system. 

Fats in the diet and therefore blood stream and hinder carbohydrate metabolism.

Animals produce their own cholesterol in the perfect quantity for their own bodies (for creating hormones etc), so we don’t need to eat the extra cholesterol from other animals.

There are essential amino acids found in plants (shocking but true!) and it is again found in the perfect ratio for human consumption

High-protein consumption is not recommended by the World Health Organisation or by me, despite the common misconception that more protein = more muscle.

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In fact, high protein diets will lead to kidney problems.

You will know a “fit” person that is on a high-protein diet for the yellowness under their eyes.

Only 56g per day of protein is recommended for males and 48g for females!

It is recommended that only 10% of our daily energy comes from protein (ie if you are an athlete you will eat more energy and therefore more “grams” of protein but it will never be more than 10% of your day’s worth of calories).

That is exactly what you achieve on this diet.

To give you some of the benefits that you can get out of this diet, it eliminates constipation and it cleanses your body from harmful toxins.

It can help decrease your chances of having cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

And it can also help in losing weight.

The low fat raw vegan lifestyle is ideal for people who wants to lose weight and still remain healthy and full of vitality.

Now, I know most of you will ask “Isn’t it hard to make a switch from a cooked meat and an unhealthy diet to a raw fruit-vegetable diet?” 

Adopting to the diet overnight seldom happens.

It needs patience, determination, effortand time to keep you going and to stay raw vegan.

It won’t be as difficult if someone such as a mentor helps you and guides you to make “the switch”.

We are here to make the learning and adopting process easier for you by giving you all informations needed.

We will guide you in every stage of the process from day 1 step by step.

Check out this : Making The Transition To A Vegan Diet Step By Step.

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