What To Feed a Vegan Guest

Are you afraid to invite your Vegan friends over for dinner?

Are you wondering what to feed a vegan guest?

I have friends that my wife and I get together with for dinner every month (we rotate houses) and it is our turn every third month.

Which means the other two months my friends do the cooking.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard “I don’t know what to cook for you guys” I would be able to take them out to dinner and have money left over.

I understand that they don’t want to mess up, but the reality is that cooking for Vegan guest can be fun and no more challenging than cooking for anyone else.

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 The easiest way would be to buy yourself a good Vegan cookbook.

Most books do a great job of explaining what the ingredients are and give detailed instructions on the best way to prepare them.

The next best thing would be to search the internet to find simple recipes that you could try.

Developing a menu for your Vegan friends is just that simple.

You could also take one of your favorite recipes and turn it into a Vegan meal.

Let’s take Lasagna for example.

To “Veganize” this classic Italian dish, instead of using ground beef, you could use “meatless beef” made out of soy or other Vegan products (there are many choices available at your local grocery store).

Substitute the cheese for Vegan cheese (again there are many choices available).

There, you have your first real Vegan meal. Wasn’t that easy?

Other easy solutions would be to make soup using vegetable broth in place of chicken or beef.

If milk is used by a recipe, just replace using a non-dairy milk (rice, almond or soy milk).

If it calls for butter, you need to use a Vegan butter (either soy or non-soy).

After you have decided on your menu you will need to buy the ingredients.

Make sure you read the labels to ensure that what you are buying is truly Vegan.

Remember no egg, dairy or animal products of any kind.

Some things you might see on the label that you need to avoid are cheese, whey, milk, egg, lard, casein, gelatin and butter.

You can find a more comprehensive list by searching the internet but for your simple meals these are the types of ingredients to avoid.

The thing to remember is even though you might think something is Vegan you still need to check the label to be sure.

Having Vegan guest over for dinner does not have to be nerve-racking.

With some planning and preparation along with a little creativity, you will be looking forward to the next meal you can prepare for your Vegan friends.

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