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Why everyone should be eating lots of fresh citrus fruits

Research conducted at the University of East Anglia in the U.K. suggests some quantifiable benefits for eating more fresh citrus fruits.

As vegans, we all know the healthful benefits we get from including lots of fresh whole foods in our diet.

The study that I’m going to talk about doesn’t tell us anything new in terms of choosing which foods we eat.

What it does do though, is to provide more scientific evidence as to why everyone should be eating lots of fresh citrus fruits, either whole or by making home made juices.

Interestingly, the best juicer for citrus fruits depends upon your own juicing preference.

If you simply want to make orange and grapefruit drinks then a cheaper(like this one), citrus only unit will suffice.

However, if you take a look at the “best juicer” video, you’ll notice that the featured machines can extract juice from many different fruits and vegetables.

So while these machines are more expensive, they offer a wider range of juicing functions.

The study appears to carry a lot of weight.

It was based on a sample size of 70,000 participants (women).

The results suggest that women who consume more fresh citrus fruits are less likely to suffer from an ischemic stroke.

This is where an artery to the brain becomes blocked, depriving the brain of oxygen.

The scientific consensus tells us that high fat, high cholesterol diets play a key role in the build up of plaques on the walls of our arteries.

Looking at the study, in the American Heart Association journal, Dietary Flavonoids and Risk of Stroke in Women, the authors suggest:

Citrus fruit consumption may be associated with a reduction in stroke risk, and experimental data support these epidemiological associations that the flavanone content of citrus fruits may potentially be cardioprotective.

The following points are risk factors for having a stroke.

Being overweight or obese, being a heavy drinker, consuming excessive fat and/or salt and smoking.

Having high choleterol and/or diabetes also increase the chance of stroke.

It’s not hard to see that many of these factors are related – dietary fats, particularly animal fats, cause obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes.

This is just one of the many reasons to go vegan.

Consuming less fats helps with many of the risk factors associated with ill health and from suffering a stroke.

It is naturally occuring chemicals called flavanones, a type of flavonoid, found in citrus fruits that is thought to be responsible for helping to reduce the risk of stroke.

Flavinoids are chemicals which give fruits their vibrant colors.

This is why a range of colors of fruits and vegetables throughout the day is advised.

It helps to ensure we consume all kinds of beneficial phyto-nutrients.

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