Why You Should Never Skip Your Healthy Vegan Breakfast

Why you should never skip your breakfast?

Humans are diurnal creatures, meaning their bodily functions are very active during the day.

Because of this, the body demands a lot of nutrients, calories and healthy cholesterol.

Your circadian rhythm affects your metabolism.

During the day, you are most active.

Your breakfast serves as the fuel to your brain and body.

The brain uses up about a third of your body’s overall cholesterol.

You should eat breakfast within two hours from waking up.

Ideally, breakfast should be eaten between 7 AM to 9 AM because this is the time that the intestines absorb nutrients at best.

The average adult man needs about 2,500 kilocalories (kcal) daily while an average woman needs 2,000 kcal.

Men who are trying to lose weight should slowly transition to 1,800 kcal while women should aim for 1,200 to 1,500 kcal.

Starting the day with a healthy vegan breakfast can help you lose weight by curbing your cravings and providing you with enough energy to burn fat.

Can you imagine breakfast without eggs, bacon and milk?

Then typically that’s how a vegan breakfast is set.

But do not fret, because vegan breakfast is usually healthier than traditional breakfast because it is basically free from artificial hormones, trans fats and refined sugars.

The time you spend eating breakfast also matters.

Don’t eat breakfast in a hurry.

Wake up at least 15 minutes earlier so you can prepare yourself a healthy vegan breakfast.

Vegan breakfast may take a little longer to prepare.

If you can, make a big breakfast batch enough to last a week.

The ingredients, especially if organic, can be more expensive and hard to find.

Nevertheless, your body will thank you for switching to vegan foods.

When preparing vegan breakfast, keep two things in mind: nutrition and energy.

Your body derives energy mainly from carbohydrates, sugar, fat and protein.

The common misconception about vegan meals is that it lacks protein where in fact, it doesn’t.

Good protein sources for vegan breakfast include grains, beans, peas, tofu, hemp, edamame, leafy green vegetables, and quinoa.

Don’t let misconceptions stop you from preparing a healthy vegan breakfast.

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