11 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Went On A raw vegan diet

These are the 11 things I wish someone would have talked to me about before I started on a plant-based, raw vegan diet.  

They would have really helped me on my journey.  

These tips should help you make an easy and informed change of diet.

 1.  Plants are cheap and super foods are not.  

This means it can be cheaper to go on a healthy diet.  

Plants and fruits are cheap to buy.

They are easy to get at your local supermarket (most carry organic now) or at local farmers markets.  

It is important to be aware that you cannot live on only carrots and apples alone.  

You will have to buy some super foods and they are not cheap, you will have to be prepared to spend on them.  

If you don’t want to go on a 100% raw diet you can add some cooked foods to your diet.

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2.   Cravings can be brutal!  

I can’t say it any other way.  The first couple of days without your beloved foods can be very difficult.  

Especially if you don’t follow my advice and prepare.  

You can get some incredible gourmet substitutes and you will not miss out on your favorites.  

So be prepared and get some good recipes or go to your local health food market and buy a gourmet substitute of the special foods you love most.  

There are some incredible companies out there making great raw and vegan foods that are the ones people love most.  

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 3.   Smoothies are fantastic!  

Yes, you will need a blender for them.  

They are so easy – throw in all the fruits you like, add a cup of water, blend and drink!  

This is a quick and healthy meal.  

They are great in the morning when you are pressed for time and can even be taken in a thermos to work for a healthy snack.  

Smoothies are very popular now and there are several healthy shops making healthy and delicious smoothies in most cities.  

This is a great alternative if you can’t afford a good blender yet.

 4.   Juices are very valuable.

 They have more nutrients per serving than smoothies.  

I continually promote green juices, they are essential for you.  

They are a very important part of a raw vegan diet.  

They are an amazing way to get a ton of green veggies into your body easily – if you had to chew and eat the same amount of food that you can juice – it would be hard!  

You can juice a wide assortment of green veggies and add some fruit to sweeten and you feel energized as soon as you drink it!

 5.   You can get enough protein and vitamin B12 on a raw vegan diet.

 I have to keep reminding people about this fact.  

Seaweeds, hemp seeds, dark green veggies are just a few of the many, many options available to you.  

You do not have to consume meat, chicken or fish as many people still believe.  

When you begin to do your own research on the internet you will soon learn how easy it will be to get everything you need and remain vegan.

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 6.   Green stuff is easy to sneak into other foods!  

You don’t have to chew on a kale leaf all day!  

For example take a date and put a kale leaf inside after you take the pit out.  

When you do your green juices, add some fruit to make it sweeter and more appealing.  

You will be amazed at the many, many recipes and ways of incorporating green foods into other tasty foods.  

Vegan and raw diets are now so varied and filled with gourmet options it is incredible.

 7.   You can acquire taste but you can’t acquire textures.  

You can substitute healthy alternatives to change the texture of things.  

And you can change the taste with sweeter things hiding greens and you can alter textures.  

For example you can use chia seeds to make awesome puddings or cakes – it adds a thick consistency.  

As you will discover when you begin to experiment – there are many tricks and recipes to make pretty much anything with healthy substitutions.

 8.   You will have so much extra energy

You won’t know what to do with it.  

So you will want to jump out of bed in the morning!  

After work you will not want to lay on the sofa and watch TV – you will want to go out for a run.  

Be aware of this because this can be the reason people fall off the wagon.  

It can seem overwhelming and strange in the beginning.  

But soon you will realize how faded and slow you were before and how alive you feel now!

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 9.  New Researching and experimenting the raw vegan diet

 You are going to spend a lot of time researching stuff on the internet.

Searching through cook books, reading labels, experimenting in the kitchen and educating yourself.  

You will be so much more aware of what you are buying and putting in your mouth.  

You will not just consume any stuff that is put in front of your face.

And you will become so much smarter about food and what it is doing for you and how it is affecting you.  

This is an amazing gift all on its own.  

We have become so disconnected from our food and our diets and lives have suffered because of it.  

 10.  It is going to be worth it!!

It will be worth the cravings, the research, the emotional strain in the beginning and spending a little more on super foods.  

You will feel awesome, you will lose weight and you will be excited about your life because life is just fabulous and you will finally see it.

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 11.   This raw vegan diet will be so much more than a diet.  

It will become a way of life and will affect how you look at the world and how your choices in food affect it.  

You will begin to look at where food is grown, how it is grown, and what happened to it before you bought it.  

You will become aware of how important shopping locally is and will see the world differently.  

Your life really will become fuller, healthier and more vital.

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