Did you know that tea is one of the most ancient drinks of all time? 

Also, the benefits of drinking tea have been shown by over hundreds of research studies. 

For the novice tea drinker, the following are 5 simple tips on how to identify and brew the best tea.

1-Buy Organic Whenever Possible 

Mass production of tea leaves often comes with pesticides and preservatives. 

Therefore, when you buy tea, you should consider buying organic tea whenever possible.

2-Black, Green and White Leaves are all from the same plant 

Black, green and white tea leaves all come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis.

The labeling of the tea leaves depends on how the tea leaves have been treated and dried.  

Green tea leaves are not fermented; they are withered and steamed.

Fermentation produces black tea and oolong tea leaves. 

Since these teas come from the same tea plant, the amount of antioxidants are basically identical, so you should select the tea leaves based on your personal preference.   

3-Buy Loose vs. Tea leaves in bags 

Loose tea leaves tend to take less time to brew. 

However, you can compensate when you buy tea leaves in the bag by letting the bag sit longer in the hot water before drinking the tea.    

Be aware of whether the leaves have caffeine Herbal tea by definition does not have any caffeine inside them. 

They still have some antioxidants but tend to have much less antioxidants than their caffeinated counterparts.

4-Experiment with the brewing time 

Most tea comes with recommended brewing time.  

As you try different types of tea, you can experiment with how long you prefer the brewing time. 

In general, the longer the brewing time, the stronger the aroma, tea taste and greater release of antioxidants from the tea leaves. 

If you cannot stand the potent medicinal taste of the tea, you can try diluting the drink with extra water (just as long as you drink the entire cup, you will still get the same health benefits). 

However, keep note of where you purchased the tea, because the bitterness of the tea leaves may also be due to the source of the tea leaves. 

5-The teacup makes a difference 

Do not drink tea in a plastic cup even when the plastic cup manufacturer state that hot drinks are safe. 

Tea just tastes better from an all glass, ceramic or even steel cups. 

Also, various teas tend to leave a distasteful residue or stain behind in plastic cups, so avoid the plastic.  

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