7 “FUNNY” Things You May Hear As A Vegan

1. “So where do you get your protein?” 

The first thing that pops in someone’s mind when they talk to a vegan.

But there is good news, plant based protein exists!

Maybe you haven’t heard of it because it’s not as promoted as animal protein, but it is there, the myth is broken.

2.  “So, what do you eat? Must be very hard..”  

When someone hears that vegans don’t eat food like chicken, meat or cheese they can’t think of anything else! 

We eat an abundance of food; actually everything that you eat, just without the animal.

As vegan you get more creative with meals, and I get obsessed with new foods and flavours.

Can you imagine life without hummus?

3. “I was vegan but I missed chocolate and cheese too much” 

We all know cheese and chocolate are great!

But even better: vegan versions of them!

Ok…maybe it is not as good as the original, but we have made a decision not to have the milk from other animals, and we’re fine with that.

4. “So you must be really healthy, right?” 

Hmm. not really.. I eat (vegan) burgers and french fries too. 

Even though eating plants all day has a lot of health benefits, it is really easy to eat highly processed food too.

No matter your diet, the way to go is to always try to pick the healthy options.

5. “I wanna be healthy, I’m vegan once a week” 

It is weird, but there are more than one reasons why people go vegan

It is usually to take care of the environment, the wellbeing of the animals or even save some money!  

Maybe I can recommend you some eye-openeing documentaries about this subjects 🙂 

6. “I would go vegan but I love meat too much, yumm” 

Yeah, no.. I mean, for me it feels like I’m at a funeral here…

7. “Oh, here we go, they’re talking about veganism again” 

Maybe we do talk about veganism a lot.

But the topic tends to come up when we are sitting on a table and I try to explain why I cannot eat that cake!

Thank you to the people that said this awesome phrases! I’m not judging, I promise! 🙂 

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