Manuka Honey Benefits For Skin

The benefits of honey go beyond its taste. Honey is a nature’s gift and it has been used to treat various kinds of problems since thousands of years. 

It is a great source of carbohydrates which provides you strength, energy and it is known to boost energy and healing wounds.

Manuka honey is a very unique type of honey and its one ounce is far better than normal honey according to studies.

Manuka honey is native to new Zeeland and this honey is produces when the bees are pollinate the flowers on the manuka bush.

The reason why manuka honey is unique is because it contains anti-bacterial properties.

There are two main compounds of this honey which makes manuka honey more effective, hydrogen peroxide (found in all types of honey) and methylglyoxal (found only in this honey). 

There are numerous health benefits of manuka honey but, today I am going to tell you about some amazing benefits of honey on skin.

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Amazing Benefits Of Manuka Honey On Skin

1-Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties

I know you might be thinking that all types of honey has these properties than what is unique in this.

Well the concentration and effectiveness of this honey makes it different.

Manuka honey can alleviate the bacteria which can cause skin infection or other skin related problems.

It is completely natural and side-effect free.

2-Antiinflammatory properties– 

Manuka honey is specific type of honey which pollen collected from the manuka flower.

This honey might give you relief from inflammation.

Manuka honey is the perfect way to protect your skin form scars and by this you can keep your skin healthy.


There are lots of internal and external factors like pollution, insect bites, UV rays, unhealthy or junk foods that can cause free radicals on your skin.

These factors can damage your skin cells and only manuka honey has antioxidant property which fights against these factors and protect your skin from damaging.

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4-Cure acne

Acne is a very annoying problem and almost all teenagers suffered from this condition.

But, it can affect both men and women at any age.

It is caused by the bacteria, dirt and pollution.

As we mentioned above that manuka honey has antibacterial property which can stop the growth of the bacteria in your pores (tiny holes of your skin).

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties it can reduce the swelling of your pimple and as well as their redness.

5-Best moisturizer for your skin

Manuka honey is a natural healing agent and by applying this you can keep your skin moisturized.

Manuka honey promotes cell regeneration and keeps your skin nourished.

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6-Cure blemishes

If you are suffering from blemishes, you don’t have to worry because now you can cure this condition by manuka honey.

It has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce redness and swelling while treating blemishes.

It also balances skin’s PH level and slough away dead skin cells to keep the skin clear because this honey contains amino acid.

7-Treat athlete’s foot

This is a common fungal infection of the skin and this is very common among athletes foot.

Honey reduces the fungus and its growth by reducing toxins from the fungus.

Ringworm (is a form of fungal infection of the skin) and athlete’s foot can be treated very easily by applying manuka honey on their foot.

When it comes to super foods then manuka honey is also one of them because of its antibacterial property.

Manuka honey’s benefit is not limited in fact it has many other benefits which make this ingredient suitable for treating skin condition. [1]

Some other benefits of manuka honey are:

  • It eases the redness of the skin
  • Helps prevent cancer and heart disease
  • Reduces cough and throat infection
  • It is capable enough to balance healthy bacteria of your skin
  • This can soothe the pain and heal swelling
  • Heal wounds and burn

There are many people who are still suffering from some or other skin related problems and I think honey is one of the best and safest ways to cure any kind of problem.

Whether it is internal or external it can give you benefits in both conditions.

The most important thing is it will not give you any side- effects.

I hope this article will help you to understand the benefits of honey on skin.

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