Coconut massage oil is actually the most suitable oil for body massage therapy.

Today more and more massage therapy professionals are now using coconut oil to best soothe and remedy the skin and muscle injury for their patients.

Coconut oil keeps the skin soothing and healthy.

The oil can also relieve muscle injury, and quickly help restore connective tissue under the skin.

As you gently rub the skin with coconut oil, the oil will stimulate blood circulation which brings more oxygen to tissues and they are revitalized, giving an increase in metabolism too.

The interesting part I love is that it doesn’t leave stains on the massage table sheet or the mattress while massaging.

Even if the oil is spilled out on the bed, the stain can be washed out very easily.

This is what makes coconut different from other oils.

Coconut oil alone would be good enough for use as the massage oil due to many benefits of coconut oil.

You can feel soft and smooth skin if you use coconut oil for skin.

However, with a quick absorption property, a lot of massage therapists are likely applying coconut oil as carrier oil with other quality mono-unsaturated oils such as almond oil and jojoba oil, for example.

With the 1:2 ingredient ratio of almond oil to coconut oil, you can feel smoother when applying the oil on the skin.

The massage oil will seeps into the skin between the patient and a massage therapist.

Let’s see why coconut oil is the most suitable oil when it comes to body massage therapy:

1-Stable Oil

It is very stable oil because of high concentration of Medium Chain Fatty Acids (Saturated Fats).

When you rub the oil on your skin and leave it for hours, the oil won’t go rancid and damage your skin or cause any infections.

2-Powerful Anti Microbial Agents

With powerful anti microbial agents like Lauric Acid and Capric Acid, your skin is safe from microbes infection.

3-Coconut massage oil Last Longer

When massaging the skin, Saturated fats layer helps keeping moisture under the skin last longer. 

Coconut oil moisturizer protects your skin from drying and cracking, especially in the winter time.

4-Rich in Vitamin-E

Coconut oil is rich in Vitamin-E (including rare, potential nourishing type called Tocotrienol).

It is essential to keep your skin rejuvenated and healthy.

5-Powerful Antioxidants

Highly powerful antioxidants in coconut oil can really keep you from skin wrinkle and other premature aging like sagging, peeling and de-coloring.

This will make you look younger than other people in the same age.

6-Easily Absorbed

Due to a lot of Medium Chain Fatty Acids, coconut oil can be absorbed into the skin very easily.

With this property, it becomes great carrier oil for other herbal extracts, essential oils, etc.

On top of that, unlike other oils, coconut oil never leaves greasy feeling on your skin at all.

7-Fresh Coconut Aroma

You can feel a slightly fresh coconut aroma while massaging.

Coconut massage oil gives you natural and soothing feeling that helps you fresh all day long, and keeps unpleasant body odor at bay.

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Traditional Massage Oil

Actually, coconut oil has been traditionally used for thousands of years around the world, particularly in India and other coastal areas such as Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Java, Sri Lanka and some Lain American countries.

The South Pacific Islanders have been rubbing their skin with coconut oil since they were born.

The mother rubs the baby’s skin with coconut oil once she’d given birth.

They use coconut oil to rub the skin every day.

That’s why their skin looks young and healthy even in the age of seventies!

Coconut massage oil was initially used in Ayuravedic massage.

Till now, a lot of people are spending their fortune just to get soothing and relaxed from high quality massage therapy.

Today it is more popular over the world.

What about Your Hair and Scalp?

Coconut oil is safe for your hair and scalp.

If you use coconut oil for hair, your hair will become healthy, soft and silky shine.

It also helps nourish your scalp and keep you from any scalp diseases.

Of course you can get such result by simply giving a gentle massage with virgin, organic coconut oil to your skin, hair and scalp on a regular basis.

How to Choose the Best Coconut Massage Oil

Choosing the best coconut massage oil is necessary to improving your health.

The rule of thumb for choosing the best massage oil is that if the oil is good enough to be ingested, it will be suitable for skin massage as well.

I recommend using virgin, organic coconut oil for massage therapy oil. Why?

Because the oil is 100% chemical free, with the very least of impurity while giving the maximum health benefits.

Try it out and you’ll love coconut massage oil.

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