Getting rid of fruit flies is not an easy thing to do.

It may take a very long time to make this nuisance flies go.

The reason is because of their reproduction speed and survival.

Fruit flies are considered as insects which breed very quickly.

They are also stronger than they look.

Though you throw away all vegetables and fruits you have, which are actually blamed for ‘calling’ these flies, they are able to survive and still alive for quite a long time.

So, eliminating fruit flies also requires patience.

To get rid of fruit flies, you even do not need to spend lots of money to buy expensive insects’ eliminator.

No need to be genius too, everyone can do this.

What you need to do is ACT.

Spend your time to read this 8 Proven ways to get rid of fruit flies.

1-Eliminate All Rotten Fruits and Vegetables

Rotten Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit flies love rotten fruits and vegetables.

These rotten fruit materials attract them to come.

Whenever you find fruits which are over ripe, vegetables or fruits which start to make liquid and stink, you know what to do.

Dispose them right away.

But, you need to put them in a bag first.

Tie the bag tightly and put it in the garbage bin outside your house, just to make sure that it does not attract fruit flies and fruit flies cannot enter the bag.

The last thing to do is cleaning the residues of the rotten materials which are left on your house.

Therefore, it is very necessary for you to frequently check the container where you keep your vegetables and fruits.

If you find any rotten materials in the container, dump the rotten things properly.

Take out all things in the container. Then wash it thoroughly from the residues.

You can store the materials back after cleaning.

2-Empty Your Garbage

Empty Your Garbage

If you dispose sweet materials or fermented materials in your garbage can, you should not wonder why fruit flies come.

Sweet materials and fermented materials, such as fruit juice, soda, wine, and beer support the condition for their habitat.

Moreover, the garbage can is also moist.

It is perfect for them to live.

Before you dump the juice, soda, wine, and beer bottles, you need to make sure that you drain them all out from the fluids.

If you already dump them in the bin, take them all and clean the garbage bin from the residues.

You can use disinfectant.

3-Empty Your Compost Container (if any)

Empty Your Compost Container

Some people make compost from organic kitchen materials like fruit peels and stems of the vegetables.

Wow, it is a great thing to do to manage your kitchen trash.

But, you need to be careful because fruit flies can come at any time.

If you find them roaming around your compost container, act!

First, empty the compost container. Then clean it thoroughly.

You can compost your organic kitchen materials again after you get rid of the fruit flies.

If you always put the container inside your house, it is time for you to take it outside.

4-Buy New Sponges, Mops, And Other Cleaning Wipes

Buy New Sponges

It is surprising that fruit flies can live on old sponges, mops, and other cleaning wipes, especially when the residues of organic materials left on them start to get fermented.

They can be good places for breeding too.

Always clean them thoroughly after use and do not hesitate to throw the old things and buy the new ones.

It is better to prevent than to treat.

5-Do Not Put Off To Do The Dishes

Your dishes can attract fruit flies to come and infest, especially if sweet food and beverages residues lay on them.

So, do not wait to wash your dishes. They won’t clean by themselves too, right?

Make sure that they are clean. Rinse them thoroughly to eliminate all residues.

Then put them on their place.

6-Trap Fruit Flies

Trap Fruit Flies

One of the effective, fast, and easy ways to get rid of the annoying fruit flies is by trapping them.

Vinegar trap is highly recommended to trap the adult and productive flies.

The smell of the fermented materials like vinegar attract them to follow their instinct to go the the place where the smell belongs.

Making vinegar trap is easy.

Choose vinegar whose smell can attract the flies to come like cider vinegar.

Pour a little of them in a glass. Then cover it with plastic bag.

Make a tiny hole in the center of the bag which is large enough for them to enter, but not to escape.

Lock the bag with rubber band. Put the trap where fruit flies are found.

7-Frequently Clean Your Kitchen

Frequently Clean Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is an ideal place for the flies to live and breed.

It is the place where organic residues are piled and accumulated.

Check and clean your kitchen sink. Wipe the stoves and tables if food residues are found.

Check the floor and areas under table or refrigerator because sometimes you unconsciously spill your juice.

Take out your trash outside everyday. You can also purchase fruit flies sprayer if needed.

8-Secure Your Fruits And Vegetables

Always put your fruits and vegetables in secure place where fruit flies cannot enter such as refrigerator or food container.

Clean the fruits and vegetables before keeping. You can put screen on kitchen windows if needed.

Do not worry when you find fruit flies roaming around your house.

Though they might be hard to kill, it is not impossible to get rid of them.

What you need to do is follow the easy methods.

The key is actually sanitation.

Hope that this discussion is helpful for you. Stay clean to get rid of fruit flies.

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