A Small Bread Machine For My Small Kitchen – Just Perfect

Late last year, the idea of owning a bread machine struck my mind.

I eat bread regularly.

As a matter of fact, there is always bread in my kitchen at any time of the day.

I was in the process of monitoring my expenses when I realized that buying a bread machine would unburden me some financial obligations.

This is particularly true because I wasn’t willing to give up on my bread.

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I am still not of the idea of abandoning my bread escapades at all.

Bread has always been my savior especially on the days when I don’t feel like cooking.

I live alone and my apartment is quite small.

As a matter of fact, I don’t have enough kitchen space.

I have had to exercise a lot of creativity for my kitchen items to fit.

This explains why a big bread machine wasn’t such a good idea.

Also, I didn’t have a lot of cash to spend on a large one.

My greatest fear was to not find a small bread machine that could fit my kitchen.

You can’t imagine how relieved I was upon finding out that there are plenty of small bread machines.

A quick scan on the internet revealed different types and brands of small bread makers.

Of course, I didn’t just want a small appliance – I was looking for something more.

I literally compiled a list of bread machines. I was determined to find one of the best bread machines on the market.

I was looking for an appliance that could remain with me for the longest time possible and still deliver efficient results.

Then, I looked how well each of the machines bakes bread, the taste of the bread as well as the ease of use of the bread machine.

Since I was working on a budget, the price of the bread machine also came into play.

Basically, the customer reviews for the various machines were very helpful.

I must admit that it was such a daunting task to choose from the best of the best.

However, in the end, I believe I made the right decision.

I finally found a bread machine that fits perfectly well on my kitchen shelves( this one here).

And I am also happy that I don’t have to rush to the stores to buy bread.

I only have to stock the relevant ingredients in my kitchen cabinets.

Besides, I like the fact that I can choose what ingredients goes to my bread.

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