Alba Botanica Body Lotion Review

This review of vegan makeup is based on my experience of using Alba Botanica Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion.

Alba Botanica is a well-known brand when it comes to animal free makeup.

This is a vegan cosmetic made from tropical plants.

This body lotion has a chocolate like smell that I find very unique and pleasant.

I also like the tube packaging that is very easy to handle and use.

Here is what I liked about Alba botanica body lotion:

1-Animal free product

Alba botanica body lotion is free from animal products.

It is made using natural plant products such as cocoa butter, sunflower, jojoba oils, Shea butter, flax and macadamia.

All these products are blended together to achieve a high quality animal free product.

This is a good product to try if you are all about vegan cosmetic products.

2-Great consistency

This hand and body lotion has just the right consistency and this makes it easy to rub on your body.

You don’t experience that thick feeling that come with many body lotions.

Once you apply it on the skin, it is quickly absorbed and this means you don’t have to rub your skin for ages.

3-Pleasant smell

Alba Botanica lotion has a pleasant smell that I found unique from any other lotions that I have used.

It has a chocolate smell that I found very soothing especially when you apply it after a shower.

Aside from the chocolate smell which is dominant, you can still smell other fruity scents like the papaya.

The whole blend of fruity scents plus chocolate produces a very pleasant and unique smell.

4-Moisturizing effect

I find this lotion a great moisturizer especially if you are suffering from dry skin.

It has glycerin as one of the ingredients and this is known to be a great moisturizer.

I like the way it gives my skin a smooth and relaxed feeling keeping in mind that i suffer from dry skin.

Am happy that I have now found the solution to my dry skin from the moisturizing effects of Alba Botanica body lotion.

5-No greasy feeling

One thing I have been looking when shopping for a body lotion is finding one that does not leave grease all over the place.

This is a great solution especially if you are looking for a lotion that won’t leave grease all over your work place.

Once I apply this lotion on my hands, they get well moisturized without leaving grease all over my work.

Here is what I didn’t like about Alba botanica body lotion:

1-Small tube

The 24 ounce tube is rather small for a hand and body lotion especially if you are using it every day.

A bigger tube will have been better to avoid making multiple purchases because it does not last long.

2-Available online only

This is a good lotion but it is very difficult to find it stocked on the beauty shops.

This means that it can only be purchased online and you have to pay more in terms of shipping cost.

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