Almond Milk Vs Soy Milk: Which Is Best?

The discussion about milk comparison has been done by a lot of scientists and experts due to the benefits and harms/side effects for human health.

One of the most fiercely debated is the almond milk vs soy milk.

Both have the different nutritional facts, but those milks are similarly good to become the alternatives to cow milk.

The two types of milk above are helpful especially if someone cannot stand with lactose (which is commonly found in dairy products, including cow milk).

Absolutely, the almond milk and soy milk are not true milks.

The almond milk is commonly made by blending water and the ground soaked almonds.

The sweet taste is usually got by adding the dates into the milk.

The Nutrition Facts

The differences between soy milk and almond milk can be seen firstly from their nutrition facts.

A cup of unsweetened almond milk provides you with 70 calories and also 3 grams of fat.

This milk is a quite good source of fiber and protein too.

Further, this kind of milk is free of the saturated fats and cholesterol, thus you can feel free to take it even if you are in your diet program.

What about the other important mineral and substances?

Almond milk is rich in minerals, vitamins as well as the Omega fatty acids.

Besides, it provides the adequate amount of manganese, vitamin E and selenium.

A glass of almond milk everyday can fulfill 30% of the daily calcium needs.

Further in talking about almond milk vs soy milk, soy milk is the winner when it comes to talk about the content of protein.

The natural protein is beneficial especially for teenagers who still need a lot of nutrition to grow up perfectly.

The other nutritional value which is contained by soy milk is similar to cow milk.

Anyway, soy juice/milk provides for about 110 calories in every cup, 10 gm of proteins as well as the 14 gm of carbohydrates.

Further, soy milk contains sodium, riboflavin, calcium, iron and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Soy milk is also free of detrimental cholesterol.

Hence, you can feel free to consume and add it into your daily diet menu.

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The Benefits Of Almond Milk Vs Soy Milk

The next comparison of almond milk vs soy milk is about the benefits.

Both milks probably contain almost the same substances, but they don’t bring exactly the same advantages for human health.

The almond milk’s manganese can activate the body enzymes.

Besides, the Vitamin E in such almond extract provides the high level of antioxidant to destroy and remove the free radicals from human body.

Hence, it is good to avoid the damage of cell membrane.

What about soy milk benefits?

This beneficial milk contains isoflavones which is helpful in resembling the hormone estrogen.

This is a good thing to minimize the risks of cancer and osteoporosis.

The zero cholesterol in soy milk brings zero risk of the heart diseases.

For people who are in their diabetic diet program, soy milk is good to take as well.

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The Dangers

The last aspect you need to know when comparing almond milk vs soy milk is about their dangerous or harmful points.

Almond milk is not recommended at all for people who have low thyroid functions.

Besides, it cannot be used to fully replace the regular baby milks (including breast milk) because of the inadequate nutrition for baby health.

When it comes to talk about the danger of soy milk, the major dangers come from the instant packages on the market.

If you consume the instant milk from soy extract out there can even cause any types of cancer (including breast cancer).

In fact, the instant soy milk contains too much sugar and some other chemicals, thus you should take it based on your needs.

Sometimes, drinking soy milk even causes fatigue and fever as the reactions as well.

In short, both milks provide some pros and cons for human health.

Which one of the milks above taste better on your tongue?

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