The new kid on the block for female weight loss is the Baby Food Diet.

This new fad diet that recently joined the bandwagon of celebrity diets that promise fast weight loss offers much to be explored.

So we decided, we’ll spend some time to explore if this fast weight loss diet is really worth your time and money too!

The principle it follows

The Baby Food Diet is based on consuming nothing but Baby food, all packed in little jars.

It promises a high nutritional value, making it one of the healthy diet plans, while keeping the calorie count for each meal very low.

The idea of eating pre-cooked and packaged baby food out of jar has appealed to many women.

Because it offers the perfect way to restrict caloric intake without compromising on essential nutrients that the body needs.

After all, if it is Baby Food, it has to be healthy, right?

Is Baby Food Diet Safe?

Baby Food Diet

What really makes healthy diet plans?

Or what really makes a diet designed for female weight loss safe?

The fact that the diet doesn’t part with essential nutrients, and a person gets the bare minimum calorie count that is essential to carry out all bodily functions.

And well, it is safe to say that the Baby food Diet safely meets both these requirements!

Starving from lack of food can make you feel dizzy, give you headaches and even get you down with fatigue and dehydration.

But the Baby Food Diet works.

Because you can eat your fill (maintain some restrictions though) and add a salad of so for more texture and get all the nutrition that your body needs, without the extra calories that any adult meal will always accompany.

How does the Baby food diet work?

It is giving your body healthy nutrients, but the small portion sizes are what make this diet real simple.

It offers fast weight loss because it follows the rule of portion control, and eating unprocessed food that doesn’t involve any kind of junk or extra fats.

After all, it is baby food!

So it is easy on the tummy even though it might not be very great to taste.

Baby food will not include spices, sugars, and additives for flavoring and so, it is 100% healthy!

A good way to go about it is to eat 1 balanced adult meal (with regular protein, carbs and fats) and 2 baby food meals through the day to achieve your goal weight.

Pros and Cons of Baby Food Diet:

This trend was started by none other than Tinsel town’s celebs, and baby food diet is rapidly making rounds elsewhere.

In a dire need to lose excess weight, when people do not see desired results from crash dieting, they resort to new fad diets that are backed by celebs as their last measure.

But we would like you to make an informed decision and for that here is a quick look at the pros and cons of baby food diet.

Pros :

  1. Cooking is not required! Good for working woman with no time to cook healthy nutritious meals.
  2. Healthy meal, since it is made for babies and toddlers without preservatives and additives, so there’s no unhealthy side effects.
  3. Available at most supermarkets, so it’s something easy to find.
  4. Doesn’t require special packaging. Take few jars with you and head to work! They don’t even need refrigeration, so can be bought in bulk and carried and used as per convenience.

Cons :

  1. We Can’t say that the taste is great! Babies can’t eat spices, or even onions and garlic. So basically the food is nothing but unprocessed healthy food, without any flavorings added! Well, there is always a price to pay because nothing can be perfect!
  2. Sometimes, baby food diet might not be a best option for you. If you have any medical issues or take some kind of medication for long term, it is best to talk to a dietitian before you start on the baby food diet.

In conclusion, baby food is bland, unappealing and some time less enticing due to its very nature but if you are determined to achieve fast weight loss, this might be a choice worth considering!


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