Best Anti Aging Advice And Tips

Keep your wallets in your pocket, because the best anti aging advice can be easily integrated into your daily habits.

No hassle, or purchase of fancy products required.

The anti aging industry is saturated with marketing hype and useless products. The hype allows them to charge inflated prices for fixes which are already available to the average person.

Don’t give into the hype! The best anti aging advice has been around for hundreds of years, and appeals to common sense.

There is no “magic” or “quick fixes” when it comes to anti aging.

You can’t change your genetics, but with a strong defense your odds are good.

The best defense is an anti aging diet and lifestyle.

Small changes in your habits can make a permanent impact on your appearance and well being.

With this important anti aging advice in hand, all of us can age with grace.

Top 10 Anti Aging Advice And Tips

1. Consume fewer toxins

Consuming toxins spells disaster for an anti aging diet.

You absolutely must minimize toxins. One way to do this is by implement aspects of a vegan diet, which is full of foods for anti aging.

Your body recognizes foreign substances and removes them through various organs, like the skin, intestines, and liver, just to name a few.

If the body becomes overwhelmed, it stores them as far as possible from your internal organs, normally in fat.

Your body also holds onto excess water to dilute them.

Processing toxins reduces the time and energy spent renewing cells. It’s like throwing a wrench in the anti aging machine of your body.

When you significantly reduce the toxins in your diet, you will:

  • Lose water weight
  • Reduce excess fat
  • Improve your mood
  • Boost your energy for cell renewal

2. Stay hydrated

A great piece of anti aging advice is to stay hydrated.

Toxins and cellular waste are flushed from your body, after being filtered in your kidneys.

By drinking enough water, you give yourself a fighting chance to remove toxins as necessary.

Our skin looks much better when it’s hydrated.

Ever notice the lines that appear on your mouth when your thirsty?

In theory, the rest of your body works similarly. When you drink enough water, your skin plumps out healthily.

Water also improves your digestive system.

To soothe any digestive woes, drink a liter upon waking in the morning, and throughout the day, at least 10 minutes before meals.

3. Get enough sleep

Research on anti aging shows that the benefits of sleep are plentiful.

Getting enough sleep is one of the the most powerful pieces of anti aging advice.

Your metabolism slows to a halt, allowing your energy to be focused elsewhere.

When you get enough sleep you:

  • Replenish nerve energy
  • Lose weight while you sleep
  • Balance your hormones

4. Stay emotionally poised

Avoiding stress is a popular bit of anti aging advice.

People who have very stressful lives often look years older than they are.

It follows that in order to look young, you should avoid overwhelming amounts of stress.

Some stress is helpful, and healthy, in fact.

It motivates us to do things, and be contributing members of society.

Too much stress can overwhelm us, and cause us to “stress eat.”

Laughing, and spending time with friends is a great way to reduce stress.

Studies have shown that those people with friends and emotional support live longer than those without.

5. Avoid High Sodium and Processed Foods

This piece of anti aging advice is not much of a secret. It is one of the first pieces of advice you follow when embarking on a weight loss or anti aging journey.

Sodium is a significant contributor to dehydration.

Processed foods flood your body with toxins, and at the same time contain very few nutrients that you need.

If you care about your body at all, this is one of the most basic things you can do to improve your chance at longevity.

6. Moisturize

Avoid putting dehydrating chemicals like aftershave, or even makeup, on your face. These things dehydrate your skin.

If you don’t break out, moisturize with a natural oil to keep moisture in.

Natural oils contain antioxidants to maintain and improve the texture of your skin.

Keeping your skin moisturized is one way to combat wrinkles caused by dryness.

7. Think young

The secret to staying young is acting young. Studies have shown that those who have an optimistic mindset show less signs of frailty in old age.

Our conscious thoughts feed into our subconscious, which loop back to our conscious.

When we act like we feel good, we start to feel good.

When we think and act young, we look and seem young.

You don’t have to act like a teenager for this to take effect. Value the wisdom you have cultivated over the years, but keep that spring in your step.

Everyone knows the best face lift you can have is a smile.

Happy people are more attractive and approachable.

Make a point to smile, it will change your mood, and how others perceive you.

8. Exercise

Exercising is essential bit of anti aging advice. You will be missing out on some amazing anti aging tricks your body does when you exercise.

There is a system of liquid in the body that works a lot like blood, called “lymph.”

The lymph system provides fuel to cells and removes waste by filtering it through the kidneys. However, it is lacking a pump, like the heart.

Without a pump, the only way the lymph system flows is through movement.

You must exercise in order for your cells to receive nutrients, and for waste to be removed.

All exercise gets the lymph flowing, so moving everyday is essential.

One of the most effective ways to move the lymph system is through jumping on trampolines.

If you are serious about implementing the best anti aging advice, consider getting a mini trampoline to get the best results for your effort.

9. Eat fruit and vegetables

Antioxidants in fruit and vegetables are great for anti aging. To enjoy all the benefits, try a vegan diet.

You don’t have to go 100% vegan to reap the rewards. Simply consume as much a percentage of your diet as you feel comfortable from fresh fruits and vegetables.

The variety is endless, and your body will thank you.

With this boost in vitamins and minerals, your body will have the tools to repair itself. You are sure to see the difference written on your face.

10. Avoid direct sunlight

Getting too much sunlight prematurely ages your skin.

Luckily, this is easy to avoid. The two best ways are:

  • 1) wear sunscreen.
  • 2) stay in the shade.

With these easy fixes you will be free to enjoy baby smooth skin.

This one piece of anti aging advice may be the most productive.

Often, at times when I am amazed by someone’s apparent lack of aging, this is often one of their top tips.

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