If you are on the Vegan Diet or any other vegetable based diet, you are probably looking for the best vegetable spiralizer or best spiral slicer on amazon.

A spiralizer (also known as a vegetable slicer, vegetable spiralizer, spiral slicer, or a simply a Spirooli or Paderno) is used to finely slice your vegetables or fruits into thin pasta like threads.

You can then use spiralized bits to make pasta, salads, or even curly fries.

Since the vegan Diet, Atkins Diet, and most other popular diets require the substitution of vegetable for carbohydrates, the spiralizer is the perfect way to replicate pasta dishes without the added carbs.

Many people will agree that spiralized zucchini has the closest consistency to pasta.

The table below is a comparison of the best spiralizer, spiral slicer, and best vegetable spiralizer on the on amazon.

Also, read our detailed reviews of each product below:

Best Spiralizer Comparison Table

NameTypeDurabilityMore Info
Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer
4 Blade5/5Read Review

Amazon Price
Benriner Turner Slicer
4 Blade4.5/5Read Review

Amazon Price
ZYLISS Vegetable Spiralizer
2 Blade Portable4/5Read Review

Amazon Price

1- Best Spiralizer Facts

The vegetable spiralizer on amazon usually comes with multiple settings and blades, so you can create thin spaghetti like spiralized pieces or large chunky onion rings for your vegan diet.

The options are limitless for what you can do with a vegetable spiralizer but a few popular options include the following:

  • Zuchinni noodles
  • Cucumber and radish ribbons
  • Beet and apple spirals
  • Sweet potato noodles
  • Curly fries, and onion rings.

When shopping for the vegetable spiralizer on amazon, there are a few things you should look for:

Durability, blade options and blade sharpness, and how easy is it to operate and clean.

Finding a durable vegetable spiralizer is pretty self-explanatory – you want to buy a spiralizer that won’t break down, get jammed up, and will last you for years.

Finding a spiralizer with a nice sharp blade will also help you slice through some of tougher and harder to cut fruits and vegetables.

Finally, a good vegetable spiralizer will be incredibly easy to assemble, operate, and to clean.

If you buy a vegetable spiralizer, you should have no problem operating it.

You just simply choose the blade you want to use, lodge your fruit or vegetable in between the machine and give the handle a few turns.

You should see the spiralized bits instantly come out of the spiralizer and ready to be cooked or served raw.

2- Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer Pro, 4-Blade


The Paderno Spiralizer is the gold standard of all vegetable spiralizer on amazon and is without a doubt the best spiralizer you can buy.

They are the company that pretty much pioneered the spiralizer and brought it to the general public.

With the most reviews on amazon and on other review sites, there is a reason why most people prefer this spiralizer :

  • It has 4 blades that can cut your vegetables and fruit into many different shapes.
  • It has a quality build, it is easy to use, and comes apart easily to wash.
  • And also it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Paderno Spiralizer comes equipped with four sharp blades to create many different spiralized cuts.

There is a straight/accordion blade that creates ribboned cuts that can be used for salads.

With this blade you can make cucumber or raddish ribbons for a salad, onion rings or apple crisps.

There is also an Angel Hair Blade for shredding out incredibly thin slices of vegetables or fruit to make vegetable pasta or Cole slaw.

The Fine Shredding Blade is a bit wider than the Angel Hair Blade, and it is good to make vegetable pasta that looks like spaghetti.

Finally, the Chipping Blade can be used to make thicker spiral cuts.

The best vegetable spiralizer will definitely have a good build quality.

The frame is made of impact resistant ABS plastic and the blades are stainless steel.

The Paderno Spiralizer has four suction feet that can firmly lodge on your table and be dislodged with ease.

There are also blade storage compartments below.

This spiralizer is also easy to assemble, has a very compact design, and easy to disassemble and to clean.

The vegetable spiralizer folds nicely into a box and does not take up too much space.

A clear tray can cover the spiralizer as well as help catch the spiralized pieces.

Out of all of the spiralizers we have tried on the market, nothing comes close.

This is the best spiralizer.

We really like the nice compact design, the quality build, sharp blades, 4 different cutting options, and the ease of assembly, disassembly, and washing.

You can tell a lot of work and smart engineering went into this device and is definitely a nice accessory to have in any kitchen.

Check Out the Paderno Spiralizer at Amazon.com>>

3- Benriner Turner Slicer


The Benriner Spiralizer is a Japanese made quality product that has 4 different stainless steel blades for slicing and spiralizing vegetables or fruit in various shapes.

If you are looking for a vegetable spiralizer, the Benriner is definitely a good option.

There are hundreds of variety of different products you can make using this spiralizer.

You can make vegetable spaghetti with zuchinni or squash, potato or carrot strings or salads, radish garnishes for sushi, and much more.

This spiralizer is pretty standard for all 4 blade spirazlizers.

It runs mechanically through a hand crank, it has rubber stoppers to hold the appliance down to the table, and it has multiple blades to create different cuts.

However, the difference in the Benriner and the Paderno Spiralizer lies in the details, build quality, and features.

First and foremost, the Benriner Spiralizer is a Japanese made product.

And since the Japanese are known for their quality products and innovative designs, this means meticulous care was used in designing and manufacturing this product.

Although the packaging for this product looks tacky, the build quality makes up for it.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

The Benriner is made of better quality plastic than the Paderno and we actually find the blades are sharper on the Benriner.

However, we find the Paderno is more convenient and is more user friendly.

The Paderno is easier to assemble, disassembly, clean, and has more features.

It has compartments to store the blades and a catcher for the spiralized bits.

The Benriner is a lot simpler in that there are no extra compartments to store blades or catch the spiralized bits.

Despite the fact that there is no lifetime warranty on the product, we have used this for 10 years and have never had it break.

Overall, the Benriner Spiralizer is a solid contender for the Paderno Spiralizer.

While it has less features than the Paderno Spiralizer, the Benriner makes up for it with a better build and sturdier plastic.

If you are just a practical person and care less about the additional feature for convenience, we highly recommend this product as the best vegetable spiralizer for you on amazon.

Check Out the Benriner Spiralizer at Amazon.com>>

ZYLISS Vegetable Spiralizer


The ZYLISS Vegetable Spiralizer is the best spiralizer if you want a portable spiral slicer that also performs like the desktop versions.

The ZYLISS Vegetable Spiralizer is small enough to fit into your pockets and carry with you while traveling so you can abide by your diet on the road.

This vegetable spiralizer is incredibly easy to use out of the box.

There is also a round cap that can be lodged into your fruit or vegetable so you can apply an evenly distributed force.

The cap also helps with the last bit of vegetables where it gets hard to put your hands on the short end.

While the ZYLISS Vegetable Spiralizer only has two blade settings that create both ribbons and spirals, it makes more than up for it by the quality of the blades.

The ZYLISS is made of nano level stainless steel gukyo blade with precision Japanese engineering.

What this means for the rest of us is that the blade is really sharp and requires very little effort to turn vegetables into noodles.

While a lot of vegetable spiralizers have blunt blades that require you to put some pressure on your vegetable or some nudging, the spiralizing process on the ZYLISS is pretty seamless.

And of course, the ZYLISS vegetable Spiralizer comes with feature aimed to protect hands and fingers from blades.

It has a finger guard that we like so that you will not trap your fingers on the sharp blade.

There is a small brush that is easy to use and easily cleans the spiralizer.

It is also dishwasher friendly. And finally, there is a 5 year warranty on this product.

All in all, if you are looking for the best vegetable spiralizer on amazon for portable use, look no further.

The ZYLISS Spiralizer is the best of its kind in this category.

Check Out the ZYLISS Vegetable Spiralizer at Amazon.com>>

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