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Can Vegans Eat Yogurt?

One of the foods that many people think they will have to give up, when going vegan, is yogurt.

As most traditional yogurts are dairy based but there are now many vegan yogurt brands and vegan yogurt cultures.

When I was vegetarian, i used to love yogurt with granola and fruit.

I use it in my smoothies all the time.

But I also liked the health benefits of yogurt. Fermented foods like yogurt are extremely good for the gut and are full of beneficial body flora and probiotics.

They also aid in digesting and build the immune system.

So yogurt was not something i wanted to lose…and it is so yummy.

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Luckily I found that all vegan / non dairy yogurts have beneficial flora and probiotics on levels similar to dairy yogurts.And they taste just as good.

When buying yogurt you have to basic choices, you can buy it or make it. 

There are  a lot of brands of non dairy yogurt on the market now. Like Trader Joe’s, So delicious, Stonyfield O’Soy Yogurt and Yoconut Dairy Free to name a few.

When buying vegan yogurt I would recommend the soy yogurts as other non dairy yogurts can be a bit runny.

Also make sure you check the ingredients to make sure there are no animal products, like gelatin, casein etc. As they are sometimes present in soy products.

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Making vegan yogurt recipe at home is in my opinion the best option.

It’s easy, fun and cheap…and you can make your own flavors.

To make yogurt at home you are going to need a few things.

Firstly you need some soy milk and some yogurt culture.

Then you need a yogurt maker, or you can use a pan, oven and jar.

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