Can You Freeze Almond Milk?

Yes, you can freeze almond milk. Read on for why and how.

To be clear this refers to homemade almond milk involving the simple process of grinding almonds in water not commercially produced almond milk.

Homemade almond milk seems to do everything that water does – warm, froth and freeze.

So why would you want to freeze almond milk?

Since homemade almond milk does not include preservatives it lasts about five days in a refrigerator.

With that being the case, depending on how much almond milk is made versus consumed, it may be ideal to consider freezing almond milk.  

Freezing almond milk preserves the freshness and quality of the almond milk until you are ready to use it.

Can you freeze almond milk? Yes. Take a look

Tips On Freezing Almond Milk

1. Strain first – depending on how you are making almond milk, be sure you have strained all the almond pulp out of the almond milk

2. Storage – use a glass container, another type of airtight container, plastic freezer bags or ice cube trays can also be used to freeze almond milk!

Tips On Thawing Almond Milk

Do it in the refrigerator. Frozen almond milk takes time to defrost.

It could take half a day or more to defrost in the refrigerator.

If you need your frozen almond milk to thaw faster you could try other methods to defrost the almond milk.

What About Taste?

For some reason people think freezing almond milk alters the taste.

There should not be any difference to taste or quality after freezing and defrosting almond milk.

Try It

There’s absolutely no reason to fear freezing almond milk.

So next time you make a batch of almond milk and you need more time to consume it – throw it in the freezer!

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