Coconut Oil Moisturizer

Coconut oil moisturizer is one of the best natural skin treatments on earth.

It really makes your skin softer and smoother.

However, the most common question I’ve heard over the past few years is that…

“Is pure coconut oil the best one for skin and facial moisturizer?”

Well, it might be yes or no, depending on how your skin reacts to the effect of use.

Some people are afraid that their skin may become allergic to the coconut oil.

They would be the inching rash and dry patches on their skin.

Even worse, some people might be worrying about the acne from the applying coconut oil on the skin!

Some people believe that coconut oil causes the blocked pores on the skin.

Anyhow, the majority of people are happy for the result they get from using the coconut oil moisturizer.

The reason is coconut oil has nutritional benefits that are best compatible to the human skin.

Brand New Skin care Products

You may be using skin care lotion and cream everyday.

Of course, you may have a better skin from using them.

The studies of Consumer Behavior show that over 75% of the consumers will keep changing the product repeatedly.

You think the brand new one could be better than the old one.

Is that you?

If so, I encourage you to read the following.

And in minutes, you will be realizing why coconut oil is excellent for the natural skin moisturizer and softener.

The Secret about Skin Lotion

WARNING: Did you know that the skin lotions you’re using may cause the skin aging faster than you’ve ever thought of?

Many body lotions in the market are predominantly composed of water.

Yes, water or aqua as seen on the ingredient label.

You bought the lotion containing a lot of water inside.

It is a common ingredient that most manufacturers have added into many different kinds of lotion.

Have you ever noticed that your skin becomes soft and smooth right after you applied the skin lotion and cream?

Yes, you should be.

Of course your skin has a better look and feel.

But…Before long, the soft and smooth conditions gradually fade away, and the dry, flaking and sagging skin returns.


Because when you apply the lotion, the water quickly absorbs into your skin.

The skin connective tissue expands by the water filling.

And that’s why the dry wrinkles are removed.

So your skin becomes soft and smooth.

However, it works for a while, unlike coconut oil moisturizer.

As soon as the water evaporates or is taken away by the blood stream, the wrinkled and dry skin comes back.

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Why Does the Wrinkle Come Quickly?

Another ingredient mostly found in the lotion is the refined vegetable oil.

They usually put it in order to help moisturize your skin.

But it gives you more…

That is free radical.

Today we are taking vegetable oil every single day.

We cook it most of the time.

Sadly, we don’t realize that it gives us very little antioxidant.

Yeah, we also get the free radical ever more.

In addition, the oil could be changed to Trans fats very easily if you cook it under high temperatures.

That’s right, Trans fats.

We all know Trans fats give us many negative effects to our health.

They cause health problems including the body’s cell damage.

That’s why we have wrinkles faster than the age.

How to Delay Wrinkles?

Our skin is made up of several connective tissues.

They make the skin flexible and strong enough to a great extent.

When we were young, our skin was perfectly soft and smooth because of healthy connective tissues.

As we are older, the connective tissues constantly get damaged by free radicals.

They come from anywhere, such as eating, breathing, smoking and lifestyle change.

Weak connective tissues lose their ability to hold them all. So our skin becomes dry and sagging.

Free radicals activate skin aging and other diseases like skin cancer, for example.

The skin lotion can only keep your skin soft and smooth for a while.

Sooner or later, your skin returns to be dry, sagging and wrinkled.

It would be even worse if you apply the skin lotion with refined vegetable oil added.

Right…You are more likely to have skin aging faster!

Coconut oil moisturizer can help you out.

Here are the benefits:

  • The powerful antioxidants reduce the number of free radicals while nourishing your skin. So your skin become fresh and glow.
  • Medium-chained fatty acids (MCFAs) make the oil light and quickly absorb into your skin deeply, leaving no sticky touch.
  • The Vitamin E keeps nourishing and moisturizing your skin longer. Your skin will become soft and smooth naturally.

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Here’s How I Apply the Oil…

Personally I always apply virgin coconut oil as skin moisturizer everyday.

I use coconut oil after shower.

Wipe the body dry, and then take a teaspoon or two of coconut oil and put it into the palm.

Massage over my limbs and trunk, including my hip and thigh too.

Then I massage my face using the middle and ring fingers with upward and outward strokes, and circular motions.

I did it gently all over the face, including under chin area from side to side.

I take very little of coconut oil on my face because I don’t want too much oily on my face.

Just make a thin layer for facial massage.

Do it for couple minutes or more if you have time.

This is to ensure that coconut oil is well absorbed into my skin so that it doesn’t feel greasy and oily.

That’s it. I am ready to get dressed.

One more thing, I replace a lip balm with the coconut oil moisturizer.

It’s amazing.

I can get rid of painful dry cracking lips, especially during the winter.

What About You?

Would you like to try coconut oil for your skin?

It’s pure natural, safe and effective.

If you are looking for another next skin lotion, I would recommend virgin coconut oil. Check out this one on amazon.

It gives you the best nutrient out of the others.

And you will be amazed with the result from applying coconut oil moisturizer.

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