Coconut Oil Thyroid Help

Coconut oil thyroid treatment is the alternative way to improve your sluggish thyroid gland naturally.

Basically, hypothyroidism is the symptom caused by underactive thyroid glands.

The thyroid glands are unable to produce enough hormones to control the body function especially the digestive system.

With the lower amount of thyroid hormones, your metabolism works slowly.

That’s the reason why coconut oil thyroid treatment comes into play.

How to Tell if You are Hypothyroid

People with thyroid problems are constantly suffering from a set of symptoms.

Unfortunately, it’s quite hard to nail down the real set of the thyroid disease symptoms.

However, you can tell if you are hypothyroid or hyperthyroid.

No matter what kind of thyroid problems, they cause the abnormal amount of hormones to your body.

You will probably have the other health problems later if you don’t take care of it immediately.

Coconut oil thyroid treatment is natural, safe and affordable for you to improve your thyroid condition.

Simply take the oil one or two spoonful everyday before each meal, and see the result by yourself. That’s it.

Common Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

Here are the common signs of hypothyroidism…

  • Hair falling out
  • Feeling depressed
  • Unexpected weight gain and
  • Weird menstrual periods
  • And more...

Hypothyroidism Symptoms Checklist will help you if you complete the checklist and bring it to your doctor for proper diagnosis.

This is the way for a medical treatment.

The most common sign is you may feel depressed and run-down very easily.

That’s because of slow metabolism.

The effect of low thyroid hormone causes a slow fat burning in your body.

So you get low energy and feel exhausted easily.

Slow metabolism will also increase the amount of fat left in your body.

This is the reason why you gain weight.

Your skin may become dry and flaky.

You may also have constipation, hoarse voice, brittle hair and hair loss.

The body temperature will be lower than normal.

This is because of the slow metabolism.

It will make you feel cold easier than the normal people.

You may have other symptoms that I didn’t mention.

However, all of them are the results of the slow metabolism caused by the underactive thyroid gland.

Coconut oil thyroid treatment is an alternative to improve your thyroid function. It is natural, safe and affordable!

Here’s How It Works

Now you know the answer to what causes hypothyroidism symptoms.

All you have to do in order to remove these suffering symptoms is applying something that does very well to activate your metabolism.

Good news is coconut oil thyroid treatment has a great capable of metabolism boosting.

It really helps speed up your metabolism in order to recover the thyroid function back to normal.

Coconut oil predominantly composes of medium-chained fatty acids (MCFAs) that can be digested in the intestinal tract very easily.

No need of pancreatic enzymes and bile to break it down into free fatty acids.

The individual fatty acids can bypass the lipoprotein stage at the intestinal wall.

They simply absorb into the portal vein and go directly to the liver where ALL the fats convert into energy instantly.

There’s nothing left as the fat stored in your body.

The higher fat-burning, the more energy you have.
The higher fat-burning, the more weight you can lose.

This is the way how coconut oil thyroid treatment works.

It really kicks starting your thyroid gland by give the metabolism boost.

Let me give you the excerpt from the Raymond Peat’s research:

By l950, then, it was established that unsaturated fats suppress the metabolic rate, apparently creating hypothyroidism.

Unsaturated fats damage the mitochondria, partly by suppressing the respiratory enzyme, and partly by causing generalized oxidative damage.

The more unsaturated the oils are, the more specifically they suppress tissue response to thyroid hormone, and transport of the hormone on the thyroid transport protein.

Just as metabolism is “activated” by consumption of coconut oil, which prevents the inhibiting effect of unsaturated oils, other inhibited processes, such as clot removal and phagocytosis, will probably tend to be restored by continuing use of coconut oil.

…Because coconut oil supports thyroid function, and thyroid governs brain development, including myelination, the result might simply reflect the difference between normal and hypothyroid individuals.

And here’s what Dr. Bruce Fife talked about the wide ranging health benefits of coconut oil:

…In our diet and the foods that we eat every day, probably ninety-five to a hundred percent of the fats in our diet are composed of long-chained fatty acids.

Now this is where coconut oil is different; it’s composed predominantly of medium-chained fatty acids. And our bodies actually metabolize and process fats differently…

…there’s been a lot of research in that topic, is that the medium-chained fatty acids do digest very easily, and so they are recommended for people who have digestive concerns and for newborn infants and things like that.

You Need Change!

A change to the better health is what everyone wants.

Coconut oil thyroid treatment is another choice for you to remove the hypothyroidism naturally.

Simply incorporate coconut oil to your diet, or just eat it purely.

Keep on taking coconut oil every day, before each meal.

You may want to use it as cooking oil.

It’s best for deep-frying food.

Coconut oil thyroid treatment has successfully cured hundreds, if not thousands of hypothyroid patients for many years.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead. It’s worth trying.