Cuticle Oil – Why Use It And How To Make Your Own

This is a long-ish post as there’s so much useful info for you about cuticle oil.

So I’m sort of obsessed with nails right now; and probably will be for the foreseeable future.  

Now that I have learnt my main missing ingredient in having strong, long, flexible, desirable nails is – CUTICLE OIL!!!

I love wearing nail polish.  

I enjoy seeing a flash of colour when I move my hands.  

What I didn’t like was that when I wore polish my nails would split, peel and chip.  

I thought it was my dodgy nails from bad genetics causing my nails to hate me for wearing pretty colors on my peripherals.

Nope, it was how I was (or in this case wasn’t) caring for my nails.  

I wasn’t nourishing them and basically all it took was applying a cuticle oil twice a day to my nails.

They have grown quicker than ever, longer than usual and with more flexibility and strength than I’ve ever experienced before.  

All this while I’ve religiously had gel polish (Gelish) on my nails for the past 4+ weeks.

If anyone has used gel polish before (no matter the brand) you’ll know it can be unbelievably drying on the nails PLUS to remove it you need to soak your fingers in an Acetone solution – a massive dehydrator.  

I’m pretty bad – I get sick of wearing the same color for more than a week so I’ve changed my nails polish 5 times during this time so have had a LOT of Acetone and Alcohol on my nails.

So Cuticle Oil to the RESCUE!!  

What’s so special about this magical oil?  What is it meant to do?

1.  Using Cuticle Oil is a super quick way to add moisture to your cuticle area to keep your nail plate soft and flexible (instead of dry and brittle and snap-worthy).

2.  It also helps nails to grow healthy even when nail products e.g. nail polish, gel polish, tips are being worn.

3.  It also acts as a plasticize to nail polish to stop it from becoming brittle, breaking down and cracking; so cuticle oil actually helps the longevity of your nail polish wear!!

4.  My FAVOURITE tidbit – it helps to your cuticles to tighten and shrink.  Since using this wonder oil I’ve not had to use cuticle remover to cull them.  My nail beds are smooth and tight.

5.  Cuticle Oil should be used at LEAST twice a day to make any difference to your nails and nail enhancements – morning and night.  I’m a fiend so I use 3-4 times a day.

What are the best ingredients to look for when choosing a GREAT Cuticle Oil:

*  Jojoba Oil – this luxurious oil is exceptionally penetrating to the skin as it very closely resembles human sebum (the oil our bodies produce); it also has small molecules that allow it to absorbed between the nail layers to nourish the nail.  This amazing oil is also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and contains Vitamins E, C and B Complex.  It also consists of the minerals silicon, chromium, copper and zinc which equates to a power-punch of goodness.

*  Avocado Oil – is an excellent moisturiser, high in anti-oxidants due to it’s rich Vitamin E content.  This means it is excellent at fighting free radicals and helps keep our skin supple.  Omega-3 fatty acids are another major player in Avocado Oil; this is important as they help our cell membranes stay healthy.  When our cells are healthy they can keep act as a barrier to things that are harmful to us.

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*  Flax seed Oil – another amazing oil high in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B and also protein.  This beauty I credit to my faster nail growth.

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*  Apricot Kernel Oil – a deliciously rich oil that helps increase skin elasticity and heal minor skin conditions; as well as acting as a lovely nail and skin hydrator.

*  Essentials Oils – some of the best are Myrrh, Frankincense, Lemon, Peppermint and Pink Grapefruit.  Remember if pregnant steer clear of Essential Oils unless consulting with an aromatherapist.

Can’t find a Cuticle Oil with these scrumptious goodies in it?  

Why not make your own?  

It’s what I did and my nails are growing quickly and they’re not very oil as the above oils as so fast absorbing – my hands are literally oil free within 5 minutes of applying.

So – my recipe I use.  

This makes about 60ml and I’ve divvied this up into smaller bottles that I’ve placed around the house to use throughout the day.  

1 in the bedroom (for before bed), 1 in the lounge room (for after breakfast), 1 where I meditate (yup, I oil my nails before I meditate) and 1 in the bathroom (for, well, just because)…..

Cuticle Recipe

(use organic and raw (cold-pressed) oils whenever possible for maximum nutrient bang):


20ml (1Tbs) Jojoba Oil

20ml (1Tbs) Apricot Kernel Oil

10ml (2tsp) Flaxseed Oil

10ml (2tsp) Avocado Oil

10 drops Pink Grapefruit Oil (because this is my favourite scent I use this the most)

6 drops Myrrh Oil

4 drops Lemon Oil

4 drops Frankincense Oil

Instructions :

Add all the oils to your large shaker bottle and shake together.  

Divide into your smaller jars (I prefer dropper bottles that hold 10ml each) and dot around your house so you don’t forget to use them.  Easy as making a cup of tea.

I don’t know how long this lasts – if it starts to smell different to when you first made it; I’d discard and make a new batch.  

Personally I fly thorough this and need to make a new batch every 3 weeks.

Application :

Twice a day apply 1-2 drops onto each nail and massage into your nail, and around and under your nail as well.

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