Dandruff Cause Hair Loss

One of the most terrible problems that a lot of people are facing today is having dandruff and gradually losing hair which could definitely lead to baldness. 

Baldness is really a big problem because it can cause numerous bad effects to the person.

But why does baldness occur? Does dandruff cause hair loss?

A lot of people are confused as to what is really the correct answer to the question “does dandruff cause hair loss’?

This piece of writing will give you some relevant information and answer to the question’ does dandruff cause hair loss?’

Read on this article and find the answer to the question.

A lot of experts say that a person gets to lose some hair because of having weak hair follicles.

When you have dandruff, you are prone to scratching your scalp to give you relief from severe itchiness and dryness.

Too much scratching or pressure on the scalp can weaken the hair follicles thus causing the hair to fall off.

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You need to know that dandruff and hair loss are related in any way.

There may be various reasons why hair loss occurs in a person and at the same time there could also be similar reasons why a person gets dandruff. 

When you are overly- stressed and when you have a not so good lifestyle, these could possibly cause you to have dandruff.

Dandruff and hair loss are only related to one another but does dandruff cause hair loss? The answer is a big NO.

Aside from the mentioned causes why a person gets dandruff, it is important to know that eating fatty and too much sweet foods can also cause you to get white flakes on the scalp.

Having all these itchy and white flakes makes you want to scratch your scalp all the time, thus making your hair follicles weak.

It is the cause of dandruff that can cause you hair loss.

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There has been a study proving that dandruff never causes hair loss.

It is the act of scratching your hair that causes your hair follicles to become weak thus making your hair to fall off easily.

To avoid having some white and itchy flakes, it is important that you have a healthy lifestyle and avoid having too much stress.

When a person is overly stressed, he or she can also get some falling hair.

Aside from having a good lifestyle, it is also good if you use some hair care products that are mild and gentle on your scalp and hair.

Too strong chemicals on your shampoo can also make your hair brittle and prone to hair fall.

For women, refrain from using hair blower, hair iron , electric hair curler because these devices can absolutely damage your hair even to your hair follicles.

What happens then? You get hair fall and you get complete hair damage.

So does dandruff cause hair loss? Of course NO, dandruff does not cause hair loss.

If you are the type of person who is fond of getting hair dye, then you must be extra careful in choosing your products.

Some hair colors have too strong chemicals causing your hair to fall off.

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