How to Beat PCOS? The 5 Things You Must Do Right Now

Whether you newly diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)or you’ve been fighting it for years this is the list of things that you MUST be doing now to get healthy.

These are NOT listed in order of importance.

1- Cut out sugar and refined carbs!

Our bodies don’t process sugar and carbs in the same way as a woman without PCOS.

Sugar and refined carbs are hard on our organs, they kill energy levels, screw up metabolism, and get converted directly into fat.

What are refined carbs?

Take a super healthy grain, strip it of all the healthy parts, make a “food like substance” out of the rest (i.e. cheezy poofs, corn flakes, bread crackers and chips not made from whole grains).

Read labels, get to know what is in the food you are eating.

2- Portion control. This is my El Guapo.

Mindful eating.

Do you sit down to dinner with a computer, or while watching TV? I do.

I’m trying to cram so much into my day that I don’t give the meal the time it deserves.

Therefore I’m not paying attention and I eat too much.

Especially before my period and especially at dinner time.

Mindful eating starts when the food is getting dished out.

Take smaller portions than you think you could eat.

Eat slowly, savor every bite.

Pay attention to the little switch that flips that says “I’ve had enough.” and stop eating.

It’s hard when there is still delicious food on the plate.

But if I can actually stop, there is a magic thing that happens.

About 15-20 minutes after stopping there is a VERY happy and satisfied feeling that comes over me.

In many countries it’s considered rude to over eat and mothers teach their children to stop eating when they are 70% full.

I’m working on this.

Tip: Drink a full glass of water before you sit down to eat.

Pick up your plate and move it away when you are done so you are not tempted to pick at the extra food.

3- Wake up to sleep!

Sleep is our brain’s time to do a little house cleaning.

New research is showing that when we sleep our brain cells shrink to open up the space around the neurons, THEN the brain flushes out the space to get rid of neurotoxins.[1]

Sleep and body weight have an inverse relationship.

Meaning the LESS you sleep the MORE you weigh.  

No, I’m not making this up. [2]

The thinking goes that the less you sleep, the less willpower you have to resist the temptations that pop up.

Office doughnuts, candy, Ooo! someone’s having a birthday? Is there cake?

Lack of sleep makes it way harder to resist the types of food that PCOS makes us crave.

But those are the worst foods for us.

Many people believe that they can get more done if they sleep less.

A couple of years ago I experimented with this.

I found out that I get more done, faster, with fewer mistakes, and a smile on my face if I’ve had 8 hrs.

If I’ve had 6 hours I get less done, it takes me longer, I’m mentally slower, with lots of mistakes, and I’m fatigued and miserable.

Put the fun back into your life, go to sleep!

4- Move your body.

If you’re not moving your body daily right now, then start.

Walk for 30 min every day.

ANYTHING is better than nothing. Our bodies are evolved to move.

You know this. You’ve heard it all before. 

I’m not going to break any new ground here, or say anything that I haven’t already said.

Just get out there. Make it happen for yourself. I know you can do it!

There is now a new research review showing that exercise and diet control, AND just exercise alone help put our wacked out PCOS hormones back to normal.[3]

5- Drink Water.

It’s the one thing you can do in 30 seconds that will make you healthier than you were a minute ago.

Not thirsty? well you’re not alone.

Research has shown that as women age we lose our ability to feel thirst.  

And thirst will manifest as hunger pangs.

What water does for you:

  • Water increases your metabolism.
  • It helps you poo better! Go colon go! (get it?)
  • Water helps you not feel hungry.
  • Water is good for skin -when you’re dehydrated your skin looks dry and wrinkley
  • It reduces cancer risk.
  • Water helps your heart not work too hard.

Don’t like water? do yourself a major favor and learn to like it.

Just drink water .

Eight 8 oz glasses is a lot of water, especially in the winter.

But the summer time is a different story.

Tip: Drink water until your pee looks like “light lemonade”!

All of these things involve loving your body.

Love your body and it will love you back.

It wants to be healthy!

Show your body that you love it through actions.

You may just discover yourself.

Now go, grab a glass of water.

Drink up to you, and your health, your life, and yourself.

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