How To Become A Vegan In 5 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Get Educated!

The more books you read, vegan documentaries and videos you watch, the easier it’s going to be to become a vegan.

You will avoid the mistakes that other new vegans made, and succeed on a vegan lifestyle that will last the rest of your life.

Also, many people will ask you the same questions again and again, for example … “Where do you get your protein?’’ or “What do you eat when you go out?” so you want to be prepared to give them a good answer!

You will have more confidence the longer you are on a vegan lifestyle and the more information you collect to back up your claims, the easier it will be to answer your friends annoying questions!

So here are some great resources to get you started!



I found early on when converting to veganism was staying motivated to not revert back to my previous lifestyle & habits.

However, reading inspiring, though provoking and informative books not only about becoming vegan, but also living a healthy lifestyle really made the transition easier.

Step 2 – Don’t Forget the Animals!

At the beginning of becoming vegan it may be hard for many people to give up their favorite meats, desserts and other animal products.

But remember, the animals are not yours, they were never yours, they are the body parts and secretions from innocent living beings who want to live as much as you do! 

Watch Earthlings a great documentary that will make you understand the ethical side of veganism.

Step 3 – Eat Enough Vegan Food!

Plant foods have fewer calories.

For example, I buy shredded carrots by the bag at a local grocery store, the entire package has less than 100 calories.

A full bag of green beans is about the same.

That means you’ll need to get used to eating more!

Especially if you live an active lifestyle … seriously, you’ll actually eat more by becoming vegan because the food you eat has less calories.

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, becoming vegan is a great way to “diet” by actually eating more!!

If you are becoming vegan after enjoying meats & animal products for many years, I have some suggestions for converting to vegan for the very first time.

The first thing I did was start with breakfast.

Instead of eating something like cereal (with milk), eggs, meat or sausage, I started the day by eating a completely raw vegan breakfast.

Often just an apple, a few grapes and maybe a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice & I was good to go by lunchtime.

For 30 days, I continued my lunch & dinners as usual, but always sticking to my raw vegan breakfast.

The next step to to introduce a vegan lunch, and finally dinner – all in stages when you feel you are ready.

Becoming vegan “cold turkey” might seem like a good idea, but easing into it one meal at a time worked well for me.

Step 4 – Join Communities Online!

You will need a lot of support during your first month for sure!

If none of your friends are vegan, people will be bombarding you with stupid comments and questions and you will feel like a black sheep.

But don’t worry about it! If you don’t have support from your friends and family, get it online.

There are many great websites, like 30 bananas a day for vegans to support each other and communicate.

Get on Facebook and look for vegan pages and communities in your area, add people, look for meet ups and fruit lucks.

Go to vegan restaurants and meet people, you can see if there are any near you on HappyCow.

Step 5 – Veganize Your Life!

Changing old habits can be hard.

Take it slowly and easy.

First, try to fill your fridge (and basket at the grocery store) with all plant food.

Go to a farmers market and buy a weeks worth of meals from local producers.

Learn new recipes, it’s so easy to make vegan meals and so much fun as well!

Look up for some vegan recipe books, blogs etc.

By the time you will notice how it gets easier and easier to be on this lifestyle the more you understand the ethical, health and all the other benefits of it and when you realize how good you look and feel!

Good luck!!