How to Digest After a Big Meal?

We all know the feeling. You went to mom’s house, your boyfriend/girlfriend made you a huge, delicious, and fattening meal that you couldn’t refuse, or you were caught in the only restaurant that you could find off the freeway.

Or maybe you just had a craving and couldn’t resist.

And now here your stomach is, in pain. Not to fear!

There are answers to make the pain, bloating, and “Why did I do that?” feeling go away!

1-Stop Eating and Start Chewing!

Sometimes after a big meal, it’s easy to say, “I already blew it, it won’t make a difference if I keep going.”

It does make a difference.

Your body will have a great deal of difficulty digesting if you don’t stop eating because it will have the joint job of digesting the heavy food you’ve just eaten and the food you are continuing to eat.

So chew something else instead, like sugar-free gum (If you can find it at a health-food store, try a brand that only uses xylitol) or an even better option, fennel seeds, which are great for digestion and keep your mouth and teeth feeling clean and healthy.

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2-Drink Peppermint Tea with Ginger, Lemon, and Cayenne Pepper

All of these ingredients—peppermint, ginger, lemon, and cayenne—are great for digestion and overall health.

I also drink this when I am sick, as it acts as a great immunity boost and detoxifier.

Ginger acts as a natural antibacterial and will help to soothe any uneasy feelings in your stomach.

Chop ginger into pieces and put into a tea-pot before boiling it. Then pour the tea into a cup and add lemon and cayenne pepper.

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Lemon is extremely helpful in getting rid of bloating and gas, while cayenne pepper helps to speed up the metabolism.

Wait for the tea to cool down before squeezing some lemon and adding a few shakes of cayenne pepper on top.


I know, I know, it sounds weird, but doing a yogi squat can really help!

The malasana pose helps to open hip joints, strengthen the back, and support the digestive system.

Place your feet hip-length apart and squat so that your butt almost touches the floor

Make sure to take deep breaths will doing this pose, as breathing will also help the flow of the digestive system.

4-Always Carry Digestive Enzymes

If you get one takeaway from this post,let it be this: Digestive enzymes are your best friend.

Our body naturally produces various enzymes to digest fats, proteins, and vegetables.

However our bodies were not naturally designed to digest the mass-produced junk that we throw into our bodies on a daily basis.

Lucky for us, someone invented multi-enzymes.

These consist of various enzymes—including lactose, which helps to digest dairy—that will better help to digest large meals.

Try and remember to have them before the big meal, but taking them directly after will work too.

5-Drink Water

Water will help the food to move through your digestive tract and will also help you to feel a little bit more refreshed after a huge meal.

Make sure you wait to drink at least twenty minutes after eating though, as you don’t want to dilute any digestive enzymes.

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6-Don’t Kick Yourself

At the end of the day, bad food is everywhere and it is impossible to avoid it one-hundred percent of the time.

Whenever I start to get upset with myself after a big meal, I just remind myself that I’m only human, and that life is too short to cry about it.

Plus, getting upset will only upset your body even more, which will delay your digestion.

So just relax, drink a cup of tea, and remember that tomorrow is a brand new day.

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