How To Eat Grapefruit?

Tips on How to Eat Grapefruit

If you are wondering how to eat grapefruit, then you should be pleased to know that you are spoiled for choice when it comes to preparation methods!

The most common ways to prepare a grapefruit include orange stylechopped, and whole.

In order to get the juiciest and least tart flavor from your grapefruit, there are a few tricks you can use during the preparation process that will ensure that you enjoy your grapefruit to the fullest.

Let’s take a look at the different preparation methods…

First off, preparing grapefruit is a messy process.

The juices tend to dribble and squirt out of the fruit and can make a very sticky and wet mess of both you and your kitchen.

To minimize the mess, try keeping paper towels nearby and do as much work over the sink as possible.

1-How to eat grapefruit orange style

The first step in this process is to remove the peel from the grapefruit.

You can do this by peeling the outer portion by hand.

To use this method, simply use your fingernails to dig into the peel and separate it away from the fruit in portions.

Once the peel is gone, you will notice a white velvety lining on the “meat” portion of the fruit.

This is called the pith and is what makes the grapefruit sour.

If you want a less tart flavor to your grapefruit, remove as much of this fuzzy white film as possible.

Once you have the pith removed, you can start separating the segments of the grapefruit—like you would an orange.

You might start by breaking the grapefruit in half.

This makes it much easier to locate the segments so that they can be peeled apart.

Once the segments are separated you can dig in!

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2-How to eat chopped grapefruit

Chopped grapefruit can be excellent on its own, but is also a neat and flavorful addition to salads.

The preparation for this method is similar to that of preparing the grapefruit to be eaten orange style, only a lot less work is involved!

To start, you can either peel the grapefruit by hand, or you can simply use a large knife to slice the grapefruit into quarters.

If you decide to cut the grapefruit, locate the indentation at the top of the grapefruit.

It kind of looks like a bellybutton.

Let this end sit straight up and use it as a guide for slicing your grapefruit into quarters.

Once you have your four slices of grapefruit, you can easily pull the outer peel away from the fruit.

Now you can use the knife to chop the grapefruit into bite-sized chunks.

If you want to sweeten these chunks, try sprinkling a bit of sugar over them.

3-How to eat grapefruit whole

Preparing grapefruit to be eaten whole is a simple process, although probably one of the least favorable ways to eat a grapefruit.

Start out by removing the peel from the grapefruit.

Obviously the idea of eating a whole grapefruit means that you will have to peel the fruit by hand.

Now, because you’re going to take each bite directly from the fruit, you may want to pay specific attention to peeling away the pith (remember—the velvety white stuff on the outside of the fruit).

This will remove most of the bitterness from the fruit.

Once this is removed, you can chow down!

To ensure that each bite is nice and sweet, you can sprinkle a bit of sugar after every bite you take.

And there you have it—three different ways to eat grapefruit!

Grapefruit is extremely healthy and has the uncanny ability to aid with weight loss.

Now that you know how to prepare it properly, you can add it to all kinds of dishes!