How To Grow Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli is probably one of the easiest vegetables to grow.

You do not have to have much experience in horticulture to learn how to grow broccoli.

And you do not have to wait for the season to enjoy fresh broccoli shoots either.

In less than a week, you can pick fresh broccoli shoots from your own garden.

Broccoli is rich in nutrients- it has significant amounts of vitamin A, B, C, E and K and other nutrients such as protein, calcium, zinc and antioxidants known to fight cancer.

Perhaps that is why broccoli is one of the most popular home grown vegetables.

Besides the health benefits of broccoli, they are known to be more tolerant than most other vegetables.

Thus, it would not be so many problems to develop their own broccoli sprouts.

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So to get you started, here are the practical steps to grow your own broccoli sprouts:

First, you should have all the necessary materials.

What you need seeds for sprouting broccoli scored, shallow containers, compost and plastic wrap.

Soak the seeds from the previous night at room temperature.

When selecting seeds, be sure to choose the right ones and check the label carefully.

It should be marked for germination.

In addition, I strongly recommend you use organic seeds.

Some commercial seeds are treated with special chemicals that are bad for the environment.

Prepare the container. Fill it with just the right amount of compost.

Scatter the seeds on the soil surface.

You do not need to worry too much or spraying seed spacing.

You will not grow adult broccoli, if space is not a problem.

Then cover it again with another thin layer of soil.

Cover the container with plastic wrap. Drill some holes in a plastic bag for air circulation.

Keep the seeds in a warm area and dry.

Make sure it is away from heat and direct sunlight.

After 2 days, you’ll be able to see the first sprouts.

After five days, the sprouts will be ready for harvest.