How to Make Avocado Oil Step By Step

Avocado oil is often used for skin and hair treatment as well as in food recipes.

This essential oil is commercially available in health or vitamin stores, but you can actually make it through some simple traditional processes.

A complete step-by-step guide for extracting avocado oil is listed as follows.

Step 1: Preparing the avocado

You need to use a knife to cut the avocado in half.

Push the knife until it reaches the pit of this fruit.

Roll the fruit until it is completely cut in half around the seed.

Step 2: Removing the seed

It is fairly difficult to remove the seed of avocado from the flesh.

When you cut the fruit in half, the seed will still be in one slice of it.

Simply slam the back of the knife (the blunt side of the knife) into the seed.

Twist the knife to loosen the seed from the flesh.

If properly done, the seed will pop out easily.

Step 3: Scoop the flesh

Scoop the flesh of avocado to separate it from the skin.

You will extract the oil from the skin.

Step 4: Use more avocados

An Avocado fruit will not be enough to make a considerable amount of oil.

It is probably necessary to use 8 to 10 fruits to produce an adequate amount for any purpose.

You can repeat the mentioned steps for other fruits as well.

Step 5: Use orange press

It is not necessary to use any specific tool to extract oil from avocado skins.

You can use an orange press and perform the exactly same procedures with the process of making orange juice.

Place the avocado skin into an orange press and pull the lever down until the mallet touches the skin.

Once it does, pull the lever harder.

An orange press usually has a container located in its base.

As you pull the lever harder, oil will drop down to this container.

Step 6: Continue pressing

Since you intend to use 8 to 10 avocado fruits, you may need to use the orange juice many times.

Continue pressing the skins until there is no more oil to drop.

Repeat the same steps for all avocado skins you have.

Step 7: Filter the oil

After extractions, the oil may contain some bits of avocado skins or even small amount of flesh.

Use a fine mesh-strainer to filter the oil.

You can also put a coffee filter inside the mesh-strainer for better results.

Please remember to rest the strainer on a small bowl or glass before you begin filtering the oil.

Step 8: Leave it overnight

It is best to use a fairly big mesh-strainer, so it can hold the entire volume of oil from the orange press container.

By using this method, you can leave the oil overnight for better filtering process.

You may not need to use the extracted oil at a time, so you can keep it in a bottle for future use.

The nutrients contained in this traditionally-extracted avocado oil will be more or less the same with those extracted through modern process.

In fact, such traditional procedures will produce pure avocado oil from the skin without any additional substance that may alter its chemical structure.

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