Junk Food Cravings:

For many people, getting past junk food cravings can be tough.

So today I wanted to address this issue and share what has worked for me.

Before we talk about how to stop craving junk food, I just wanted to share a journal entry I have on a day that I really had some nasty cravings.

Maybe you can relate. 

”…Wow, today I have been battling some serious junk food cravings.

It’s weird because I  have not had any cravings like this since deciding to go vegan almost six months ago.

Where did these come from?

For some odd reason I’m not finding the thought of anything good for me appealing.

I stuck my head in the fridge before I left for work and just couldn’t bring myself to grab anything because none of it looked very appetizing.

I am also having thoughts of pizza and now, Chinese food because the lady that works across from me just brought in a box of Panda Express.

This is definitely the most tempted I have been…”

How To Stop Craving Junk Food:

It’s very important to not wait until you get hungry to eat.

Doing this is the main reason we get cravings for junk food.

When we wait until we’re hungry to eat, our bodies want to be satiated as soon as possible.

This causes us to want to act fast and before we know it.

We’re listing off all the possible fast food choices and lets face it, fast food is never good food.

So, If you stick to the rule of not waiting until you’re hungry to eat, then you should have no problem battling the junk food cravings.

From my experiences, I’ve also found that it helps me to list off the chemicals and other facts I know about the junk food I am craving.

If you are the same way as me, then this could be the most effective tool you have against fighting those cravings. 

You should learn as much as you can about the nasty chemicals found in processed foods.

As well as the detrimental effects that meat and dairy products produce in your body.

Doing so will only bolster your power and empower you to resist temptation in time of need.

Sometimes that method seems to only curb the appeal a bit and you need some extra help.

This is when you should force yourself to eat and carb up.

Get plenty of fruit, potato’s, rice, or any other healthy carb of your choice, in your stomach as fast as possible and you will soon find that those junk food cravings have disappeared.

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