How To Take A Break From Stress (If Only for a Short While)

Sometimes, life just sucks and likes to kick you while you’re down.

It’s an awful analogy, but it’s true.

There are times when you can’t do anything about the things life throws at you either, so might as well take some time for YOU.

Here’s some tips to break from stress even for a Short While:

1. Get your coffee on

Weather it be a Triple Grande Caramel Macchiato, a Java Chip Frappuccino or a Vanilla Latte, sometimes you just got to spend the extra dough for a gourmet cup of coffee (and lets face it, a coffee with whipped cream on it is all that more soothing)

2. Crank the toons

 When I’m angry, or super happy, I turn to music.

My mood dictates the genre, decade and volume of my music choices.

Heavy music, that can be sung (screamed) to is a must to help a bad mood.

Sing-along music (usually 90’s hits for me) makes me all that much happier.

3. Buy yourself something awesome

Yes, we all stress about money, but we also need to indulge on occasion too.

Buy yourself that new video game, that cute little dress, a pedicure- whatever makes you happy (without added financial stress, of course)

Me? I bought myself my very own label maker!

4. Have a bath

Yes, men I’m talking to you, too.

I do some of my best writing when immersed in bubbles, with the door locked, and ignoring everyone else for half an hour.

Now, if only I could remember all my awesome ideas once I get out…

5. Go for a walk

It’s good exercise, but it’s also good to clear your head.

I find walking while combining #1 and #2 especially therapeutic.

6. Do something you really enjoy

 I’m not a gamer, but I can totally see the draw of shooting someone in the face via a video game after a rough day.

It’s probably way more helpful than my stressful addiction to Candy Crush and the level I’ve been stuck on over a week now!

7. Indulge

Pick your favorite thing and take the time to really enjoy it.

If you’re into wine, relax with a glass (Or two).

If you enjoy food, get your chocolate.

Sure, there are calories- but sometimes one’s mental well-being comes above calorie counting.

8. Unload

Your partner being a total ass?

Your boss hitting on you, while asking you to work this Saturday?

Text, e-mail or call a friend you trust to listen to your woes.

That’s what good friends are for.

Mind you, they may not appreciate a three a.m. call about how you’re worried about your sick cat.

9. Do something out of the ordinary

Hop on the bike you haven’t touched in months & pedal like mad, until your stress gives away to the burning in your thighs.

No one to go to the movies?

Call a friend and go- or even go alone.

Sitting in a big, dark theater will take your mind off of life’s stresses for at least the duration of the film.

(If you chose a decent flick) Go apple picking- anything out of your normal routine to give your mind a break and focus on something new.

When all else fails, share this article, and you’ll be good!!

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