Superfoods for Super Weight Loss

Dietary experts claim there are two basic groups of foods that act as superfoods that help you keep the weight off because they will satisfy your hunger without adding a lot of calories to your diet.

These two food groups are vegetables and fruit.

There is a nutrient that has excellent staying power that is contained in both vegetables and fruit and that is fiber.

So, if you will, fruits and veggies are the keep-the-weight off superfood groups, while fiber is the keep-the-weight off super nutrient.

Another super nutrient contained in these foods is protein.

Protein is an excellent nutrient to consume that helps to curb appetite.

Protein is another nutrient that has great staying power; it has the ability to also boost your metabolism slightly in the process.

It is highly important to monitor which types of proteins you consume.

Because like many other types of food, if you consume more than your body actually needs it will more than likely show up on the scale in the form of added pounds, rather than weight loss.

You will find a list that follows.

The list will give you a few superfood ideas that are low in calorie and smart choices in your quest to lose weight or eat healthier:

1-Green Tea :

Researchers have suggested that some ingredients, namely the catechins which are phytochemicals, found in green tea stimulate the body to decrease body fat mildly and also to burn calories off; thus triggering weight loss.

So, you will be doing yourself a favor by taking in a cup of iced-cold or hot green tea.

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2-Tomato Based Soup or Broth :

Soups are an excellent source of nutrients that will reduce hunger feelings before a meal because it will make you feel fuller and more satisfied.

3-Green Salads Low in Calories

To begin a meal, it is a good idea to indulge in a low calorie salad.

Just remember, the definition of a “low-calorie” salad does not include high fat salad dressings, cheese, and croutons.

The consumption of a salad at the start of your meal will increase your overall feeling of fullness, which will reduce the amount of the main course you eat.

If you choose the ingredients in your salad wisely, it can be very high in fiber and help to kick junk food cravings.

4-Yogurt :

If you include vegan yogurt into your healthy diet, it can help promote your efforts to lose weight.

You will be best off to choose a lighter yogurt to help fight hunger pains as it has an excellent combination of carbohydrates and protein.

5-Beans :

This is another great mix of protein and fiber.

Eating beans helps you feel fuller longer which will mean they help to curb snacking between meals.

6-Whole Grain Cereals High in Fiber :

Eating any kinds of foods made from whole grains will help boost fiber and the overall nutritional value contained in your meal.

You will find it very easy to add whole grains to your diet because it’s as simple as eating a bowl of cereal that is made from whole grains and filled with fiber.

In addition, there are many other breakfast snacks that are known for being high in fiber and made from whole grains.

7-Last and most important WATER :

You may not realize it, but your body’s lifeline is water.

You should be drinking your share each and every day.

Water is a calorie-free beverage and obtained in many forms.

For example, you will get water in your unsweetened tea, regular water with lemon or lime juice added, unsweetened flavored mineral water, or even through the consumption of other foods like cucumbers or watermelon.

Water not only helps you flush toxins and other impurities from your body, but it also increases your overall “full” feeling.

So, make it easier for yourself to lose weight and be healthy by drinking a full glass of water when you get hungry before you grab a snack.

In the end, eating any of the superfoods above or drinking lots of water are excellent ways to start eating healthy.