Transform your mind and body to function at your absolute best and live your life to the fullest, commit to a self-care plan.

No matter what’s happening in the world around you, you’re responsible for your own health and well being.

You can be happy, productive, and achieve your goals by giving yourself what you need to thrive.

This is self-care, and it’s the basis of your health and happiness.

Self-care plan is effective preventative medicine to help you avoid and reverse chronic diseases.

But even more, your happiness depends on it.

Top 10 Self-Care Strategies

Here are our top 10 self-care strategies. We hope this list inspires you to think of other things that you need to prosper!

1. Build a Support Network

You can thrive in a community of like-minded people who support healthy living and your personal values.

Seek out people who encourage you to be your best.

Build your support network—your tribe, and don’t waste time with those who are moving in a different direction.

2. Don’t Eat “Food” Made in a Factory

This time, eat real food that fuels you with nutrients.

Eat unprocessed vegan food that’s full of life.

Focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Your health depends on this.

There are no nutrients in factory-made, processed “food”.

These products just have empty calories that add inches to your waistline, as well as chemicals that prevent your body and mind from functioning well.

3. Get Moving

Those who are physically active live longer, healthier lives.

Research shows that 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day significantly contributes to longevity.

For your wellness and mental happiness, it’s important that you commit to doing daily cardiovascular exercise like walking, running, and swimming.

Getting fit has many health benefits.

Your body will even release endorphins, natural painkillers that promote a sense of well-being.

4. Get Sunshine

For your mood, it’s important to get plenty of sunshine each day.

The sun fuels life on Earth and can give you energy too.

It’s especially important to get plenty of sunshine during the winter months.

Hangout in a bright spot or go for a walk on a sunny day.

5. Live with Compassion

You may find that others around you don’t share your values of compassion and empathy toward others.

But don’t let that stop you from being true to what you know is right.

Compassion toward animals is what defines our values as vegans, and treating other people well is a natural extension of that ideal.

This gives us a deep sense of fulfillment.

Compassion also means treating yourself with respect and not engaging in self-destructive behavior.

6. Get Quality Sleep

Good habits can create the right environment for getting quality sleep.

Turn off all electronics an hour before bedtime, then create a relaxing, peaceful evening for yourself.

Turn down the lights and begin to quiet your mind.

Create your own sleep sanctuary and allow yourself the rest you need to function at your best.

7. Meditate

If you’d like to reduce depression and anxiety, or simply take time out in the middle of a busy day, consider meditation.

It’s a great way to find mental calmness in your life.

To meditate, sit quietly, close your eyes, and focus your attention on your breathing.

Relax your body and allow any thoughts or feelings to drift off without holding onto them.

8. Spend Time in Nature

Connect with the natural world.

You can run or walk outside, take a hike in the woods, or canoe on a quiet river.

Look at the trees. See the beauty in the sky. Touch the dirt.

Find an environment that inspires you.

Just seeing the natural world makes us remember we are connected to a larger universe than we sometimes think.

9. Drink More Water

Most people exist in a continuous state of dehydration and are experiencing ill health because of it.

If you want to feel full of energy and achieve optimal health, be mindful of consuming enough water.

To stay hydrated, begin your day by drinking a large glass of water.

Then, keep a water bottle with you and make it a habit to drink throughout your day. 

Consuming enough fluids is part of your self-care plan and is a critical part of taking responsibility for your own wellness.

10. Get More Face Time

Spend more time socializing in person with your friends and family—and less time on Facebook.

Find fun things to do with your friends.

Throw a party or invite friends to dinner.

Be sure to laugh, and make time to engage in interesting, stimulating conversation.

People who feel socially connected are happier and actually live longer.

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