Top Tips for A Vegan in Thailand With Specials Dishes

Thailand is a country blessed with an abundance of amazing fresh and local fruit and vegetables.

Simply walk through a local market or stop at a number of places on the side of the road and you will be thrusted upon all that Thailand has to offer. Seems so dreamy for a Vegan…right?

Well, you might be a little surprised when you sit down at a restaurant to find that perhaps it is not as a vegan friendly as you may have thought.

You will soon realise that pork is an obsession and they love including fish sauce in everything.

You even have to be careful when you order vegetarian option, as most of the time they will not consider fish in the sauce.

However, one of the greatest aspect of Thai dining, is that most of the dishes are prepared fresh, so most of the time you can order what you want….as long as you know a few of the catch phrases.

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Tips for A Vegan in Thailand

So without further a-du, here are a few tips that might make your life a little easier getting around the Vegan Thai menu board.

If you go there wanting Vegetarian options, you will want to get acquainted with “mang sa wirat” a phrase that means you don’t eat noticeable pieces of meat or sea food.

Everything else, including eggs, meat stock, fish sauce or other animal product is fair game. It just means that you won’t find big chunks of meat in the dish.

To play it safe it is best to stick with this word “jay” this refers to a person that eats no meat, no seafood, no animal byproducts, no garlic and even a few herbs and vegetables.

The best phrase you are going to want to go with is “gin jay”.

When you do order your dish go the little extra distance and make sure you emphasise that again that you are a Vegan and you do not want any meat at all in your dish.

The best phrase to go with is “mai gin neua sat”.

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Vegan Thai Dishes To Order

Here are a few dishes that are vegetarian and will easily equate to vegan options.

Actually, here are few more phrases you might want to keep in your back pocket. “Mai ow nam bplaa”, no fish sauce. “Mai ow nam man hoy”, no oyster sauce.

1-Som Tam:

Som Tam
Som Tam

This is a green papaya dish salad that is very healthy option.

Though they do include shrimp, so you will have to ask without it “mai sai goong heeng”, and with out fish sauce “mai sai nam bplaa”.

2-Gaeng om:

This is a delicious stew made with lots of earthy herbs, vegetables though do watch out as it may include shrimp paste. “mai sai neua sat”, this means no shrimp paste.

3-Pad pak ruam prik gaeng:

Most famously a dish consisting of stir fried vegetables, but instead of being cooked in plain sauce, the vegetables are fried in chilli curry paste along with kaffir lime leaves.

Though, it is always best to play it safe and ask with out any meat or fish sauce.

4-Pad pak gachet:

Pad pak gachet
Pad pak gachet

Stir fried water mimosa, this is perhaps one of the most interesting dishes that contain amazing flavoured vegetables.

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5-Pad gra pao het jay:

Over a plate of rise is a totally amazing thai food that you will want to delve into.

Instead of using pork, mushrooms are used in this very friendly vegan options.

The mushrooms are stir-fried on high heat with chillies and a handful of basil bursting flavour.

When you order this is a ‘jay’ dish, you automatically get it without meat, fish sauce or oyster sauce.

Stay tuned as we bring you an amazing Vegan tips through the world.

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