Vegan Handbags: A Choice To Save Animals and Earth

Nearly every woman carries a purse or handbag of some kind.

Some carry a small one to minimize her load, while there are those of us who carry everything but the kitchen sink, often forgetting exactly what we have stuffed in there until the next time we clean out our purse.

Either way, we carry these bags because they are functional and convenient, allowing us to never leave home without the essentials.

Sometimes, we even like our handbags to make a fashion statement or say something about our personality.

This statement goes far beyond simply the outward style of the bag.

Have you ever considered what went into making your handbag, and what the materials used to make it?

Often, with handbags produced in foreign countries, sweatshops and child labor are potentially involved, not to mention the knock-offs that cheat the designers and legitimate companies out of their rightful profits.

Then, there are those poor creatures who suffered so that consumers could carry a nice leather bag or something trimmed in fur.

You can do your part to help stop this madness!

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This is where fashion sense meets kindness and compassion and an Earth friendly or green way of life.

Many people think of vegan only in the sense of a diet that doesn’t include meat, but in fact the vegan way of life can extend to fashion as well.

Vegan handbags are constructed with plant based or synthetic materials, as opposed to leather, fur, and other animal products.

Does carrying an environmentally friendly handbag, purse, satchel, book-bag, or clutch mean style goes out the window and you have to sacrifice both style and a high price tag to get there?

Not even remotely! There are many beautiful options made from hemp and other plant fibers, or synthetic microfibers, that are sure to be within your budget.

Not only that, but they look just as classy as those made from leather.

Because of the care that goes into making each vegan handbag, they are even more durable than many mainstream brands, standing the test of time even with daily use.

You can find vegan handbags in a variety of styles and colors, with stylish designs and embellishments, all made using organic dyes and materials.

Vegan handbags are available in everything from the basic canvas look to faux versions of velvet, suede and leather.

You can even get that luxury look while confidently knowing you are promoting the ethical treatment of animals and the planet you live on.

There are many great brands and retailers to choose from. Look online for a great selection at exceptional prices.

Here is an example on Amazon( link ):

Vegan Handbags: A Choice To Save Animals and Earth

With the rising popularity of vegan fashions among both vegans and non-vegans alike, the variety of choices available is astonishing.

It’s inspiring to know that these options are out there, not only in the form of vegan handbags, but also in the fashions we wear and the products we use.

As the idea catches on more and more, we are sure to see even more of these eco-friendly options available on the market.

If you want a handbag that says you care about and love the Earth, get yourself a vegan handbag.

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