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Vegetarian diet tips & ideas

Specialists’ advice on healthy eating emphasizes a diet low in saturated fat, but rich in whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. 

If vegan eating (without animal products) seems difficult to adopt, try vegetarian food first (without meat), then gradually move on to healthy nutrition.

Choosing a vegetarian diet, we choose to eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, cereal and seed germs, nuts and peanuts, which are naturally high in fiber and low in saturated fat. 

Being vegan means taking nutrients from other sources, not from conventional ones, of animal origin (meat, dairy and cheese, fish, seafood and crustaceans). 

There are some unwarranted concerns about whether vegan foods are low in protein, iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin B12 and vitamin D or in essential fats / omega.

 In fact, these nutrients are part of a vegan diet, some even rich. You just have to make sure that the sources from which the food comes are reliable (without pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, etc.).

Proteins can come from a variety of sources; Pulses (peas, beans, lentils) or peanuts and nuts are an excellent and cheap source of protein, but also of iron, zinc and calcium.

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Bio and free range eggs and dairy

(from poultry / animals raised freely, without concentrates, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides), and in the case of vegans, nuts, nuts and seeds contribute to the intake of protein, zinc, calcium and iron. 

Vegetable milk and cheese :

(soy, almonds, cashew, quinoa, etc.) are also sources of protein. 

Iron and zinc :

are found in vegetables with green leaves, nuts, peanuts, seeds, germs, fresh or dried / dehydrated fruits, eggs and dairy products. 

Vitamin B12 :

is found in eggs, dairy products and fortified products with B12 (milk, cereals). For vegans a certain yeast or supplements are recommended. 

Vitamin D :

it is processed by the skin, after an exposure of 10-15 minutes in the sun (not strong). It is also found in products fortified with Vitamin D. 

Essential fats / omega :

are in nuts, nuts and seeds. 

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