What is Tofu?

It is said, that tofu originally was a Chinese discovery. But what is tofu?

Soy-beans are cooked and smashed, seasalt and Nigari are added.

Nigari is a coagulator, traditionally gained from sea-water, containing about 100 different mineral salts.

These ingredients start fermentating. In the end this mixture changes into a kind of white, firm consistency — called tofu.

Since ages tofu has been well-known and highly estimated in all Asian cultures.

Buddha said: “It’s value is its simplicity, its original honest character and its beautiful white dress.”

First known in the US tofu came to Europe.

And this dish, called tofu, is on its best way to conquer even very traditional styles of cooking all over the world.

Even well-sorted supermarkets offer tofu as well as tofu-dishes.

Some background on Tofu:

Tofu is a naturally produced product containing a high amount of protein.

When eating tofu it gives you a nice feeling of being well-fed.

It is low in calories and has got no cholesterol.

Tofu can be easily digested. It contains a high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids.

The amount of saturated fatty acids is very low.

Other valuable ingredients are lecithin and linolic acid; last cannot be produced by the body itself.

We find calcium, iron, phosphor, potassium, B-Vitamines as well as Vitamin E.