Today in the market there are many alternatives to cheese of animal origin, alternatives that are 100% vegetable, ethical, and tasty. 

There are many people here in Spain who give way to veganism, and many vegan students who arrive every year and do not know where to buy 100% vegetable cheese.

I hope this list helps you to locate the places where you can find it.

If you know any site that is not in the list, or you have more information about the type of brands they have, you can leave a comment in this same post to inform me.

Best vegetable cheese :

* Vegusto:

It is cured cheese type and is amazing. 

When I tried this vegetable cheese the first time, I had not had cheese of animal origin for many years and I almost cried for happiness.

* Violife:

There is mozzarella type and parmesan type block. 

The mozzarella type is very rich, the Parmesan style has been released recently and I have not tried it yet.

* Divina Teresa:

There are many different flavors, it is perfect for grating pizzas, melts very well, it is a block that spreads a lot. 

For my taste, to make pizzas, it is the best in value for money.

 * Vegourmet:

There are fewer varieties than Divina Teresa, but the varieties of flavor that coincide with Divina Teresa (such as smoked) are practically equal in weight, flavor, and price. 

I don’t notice much difference.

* Willmersburguer:

It’s sliced, it’s very tasty. The bad thing is that it spreads a little, I usually prefer them in block.

Where to Buy Vegetable Cheese In Spain:

– Ecotienda Umbela in C / Varela:

It has the Parmesan type block  and another sliced Violife brand.

– Live Natural on Avenida Don Bosco:

Violife, Divina Teresa and Vegancheese brands.

– Hicuri in C / Santa Escolástica: Vegusto, Divina Teresa and Vegourmet brands.

– Super Ecoin C / Molinos: Willmersburguer brand.

– Herbalist Trinidad in C / Trinidad: Violife brand.

– Among allergies in C / Salvador Dalí nº 3 (La Zubia): Violife, Divina Teresa, Sheese, Tofutti and Willmersburguer brands.

– Herbalist El Roble in C / Sevilla, in front of the Medical Center (Armilla): Violife and Toffuti brands.

–  Herbalist C / Alhamar: violife, toffuti “mozzarella style” and “cheddar style” brands.

– EcoEco Shop in C / Buensuceso: MozzaRisella, CreamyRisella and BlueRisella.

– Sequoya in C / Cruz de la Magdalena: Violife brand, sliced ​​and in block.

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