Why to choose a vegan lifestyle

In recent years vegetarianism and veganism have been on the rise ever since. 

The awareness of harming helpless animals and the ability to defend themselves cloud the conscience. 

Many people find that avoiding eating animals and their products affects the cleanliness of the mind and, at the same time, nutritionally.

There is no need for it. 

Nature gives us a huge abundance of foods that provide us with a menu full of flavors and rich in balanced vitamins and minerals in the quantities we need.

The differences between vegetarianism and veganism:

The vegetarian menu, unlike the vegan menu, also contains animal products. 

The vegans do not consume milk, eggs, honey, etc. 

There is also a vegetarian and vegan movement that avoids eating animal products (meat, chicken, fish, milk and eggs) grownen in industrial conditions.

But do not avoid the consumption of “free eggs” or meat and poultry grown under organic and humanitarian conditions.

There are many reasons why to choose a vegan lifestyle.

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People who have been blessed with thinking ability, tend to use their power over helpless people for money. 

They breed animals for commercial purposes in disgraceful conditions. Abuse them, rob them of their offspring.

Push them into densely packed cells, inject them and fill them with hormones, whose purpose is to increase the produce in a relatively short time.

Murder them cruelly when they are of no commercial use, chicks with defects that can not be slaughtered.

The ability of humans to distinguish between the other animals, to distinguish between good and evil, between permitted and forbidden, and they have conscience and morality. 

Unfortunately, many of them are blinded in view of the huge sums, that the meat business, is being subjected to. 

They lose all humanity and turn the animals into their property as if they were an object. 

They trade in ivory, furs, leather products, wool and even fun like circuses.

Trade like animal breeding in order to trade and sell them in huge amounts as well as many other examples.

Animals are entitled to live with dignity and freedom. No one has the right to deprive them of this. 

In fact no one has the right to abuse them, to burn them with hot iron in order to mark them.

To cut off their source without anesthesia.

To separate the mother from the newborn immediately after birth.

To imprison them in overcrowded pregnancy cells.To pair them with rape and many other shocking ways Humans.


Numerous studies have shown that animal husbandry for food and commercial use is an especially large source of greenhouse, gas emissions and of course environmental pollution.


Human nutrition does not require animal food, and vice versa. 

Animal food is rich in protein, fat and cholesterol

These high levels can damage the kidneys, blood vessels, heart and cause irreversible damage. 

A vegan lifestyle based on plant nutrition is more moderate, in addition it’s rich in vitamins, minerals, iron, fiber, etc.