Why You Should Never Skip Lunch

Lunch should not be too heavy nor should it be too light, it should be just as nutritious and fulfilling as breakfast, which is considered the most important meal of the day.

Lunch is important to refuel and refresh your brain and body, especially if you are engaged in a physical demanding task.

It also reduces oxidative stress to your body.

When stressed, your body’s cortisol levels shoot up.

Taking a break and eating lunch relaxes your body and thus, lowers stress.

Unfortunately, a lot of people usually grab an unhealthy lunch or eat lunch in a hurry.

Worse, they simply skip lunch or replace it with a cup of coffee and wait for dinner when their tasks are done.

If you’re vegan, chances are your access to lunch options is very limited.

So your access to vegan lunch is almost impossible. 

That doesn’t mean you should skip lunch.

Most vegans are very conscious of their nutrition intake and exposure to harmful, which is why it is the best to bring packed lunches to school and work.

This way, you know how your food has been prepared.

In addition, you can monitor your intake of calories and nutrition.

What vegan lunches can you prepare?

Your lunch options, contrary to popular opinion, are actually impressive.

You can prepare vegan sandwiches for lunch coupled with a quinoa salad for high quality protein.

Sweet potatoes, beans, peas, edamame, lentil and tofu are good sources of protein as well.

You can also make different pasta dishes for lunch using vegan pasta.

Vegan soups, stew and stir-fry dishes can add variation to your usual salad and sandwich lunch.

You can even bring your vegan salad in a large mason jar if you don’t like using plastic wares.

If you’re craving for the taste of meat, you can learn how to make vegan patties.

Make lunch time a task that you should complete.

Don’t view it as something a waste of time.

Look forward to it and eat well.

Remember, you are not a machine. You need to eat to refuel.

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