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Best DIY Herbal Tea Recipes

Drinking herbal tea is a simple and easy way to detoxify your body.

As long as you target different organs and match your personal preferences, choosing the right flowers and plants can help you gently expel toxins from the body.

When encountering herbal tea, just use the five senses to quietly feel its color, fragrance, and taste, and let the whole body be intoxicated with the charm and fragrance from nature.

You can not only taste the cultural atmosphere behind, but also let the body quietly detoxifies.

detox beauty herbal tea

Different flowers and different organs

1. Lungs:

The lungs are the main organs of human breathing.

People who have lived in cities for a long time have more lung pollution.

The pollution of the air and the harm of second-hand smoke make you feel uncomfortable in your throat.

I also had trouble breathing and coughing.

Tea Recipe:

Violet, thyme, licorice root and a small amount of tangerine peel can be used to relieve cough and lungs;

Violet and osmanthus also have the same effect.

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2. Intestine:

People with poor gastrointestinal tracts usually have constipation caused by intestinal peristalsis.

Accumulation of stool will cause toxin accumulation in the body, which will cause the greatest damage to the rectum and contaminate the internal environment of the human body.

Tea formula:

Chamomile, fennel, jasmine, mint, and violet have the effect of increasing gastrointestinal motility and improving flatulence.

3. Liver:

The liver is a very important detoxification organ in the human body.

Many drugs are metabolized in the liver. Poor metabolism can easily accumulate toxins and is harmful to the human body.

The liver can also promote bile secretion and break down fat, which is very important for body fat metabolism.

Tea prescription:

Lemon grass, rosemary, artichoke, verbena can strengthen liver metabolism and detoxify.

4. Kidney:

The kidney has the function of controlling the yin and yang of the internal organs of the human body.

Kidney-yang plays a role in warming the spleen-yang and regulating bowel movements.

The kidney has an important role in hosting and regulating body fluid metabolism.

People with non-physiological edema usually have a kidney that is unable to successfully metabolize water.

Tea formula:

Rosemary, dandelion, juniper, and heather have a diuretic effect and can strengthen the function of the kidneys.

detox beauty herbal tea

Herbal tea with significant effects

In addition to detoxifying organs, it is also suitable for appetizers and beauty.

Decompression herbal tea recipe:

Jasmine, rose, violet, calendula, lavender, bodhi, etc.

Can be mixed to drink, which can make the fatigue disappear.

Beauty Herbal Tea Recipe:

Any herbal tea made into a cold drink, or fruit granules, or rock sugar, can not only strengthen the taste of herbal tea, but also supplement the skin’s required vitamins, and play a role in beauty.

Slimming Herbal Tea Recipe:

Hibiscus flowers are slightly acidic, which can promote blood circulation, Oregon can regulate metabolism, rose hips can supplement vitamin c, and 3 kinds of herbal teas can be made thinner and easier to drink.

Soothing Herbal Tea Recipe:

The combination of bodhi and chamomile is suitable for light tapping at night, allowing the whole body to float gently in the aroma of tea.

Pay attention to the herbal tea drinking time

Different herbal tea drinking time, the effect of herbal tea will be different.

Drinking herbal tea before meals can enhance digestion, and drinking herbal tea after meals can treat dyspepsia and sensitive stomach.

The herbal tea itself does not contain caffeine, so it’s okay to drink herbal tea like boiling water.

However, refreshing herbal teas such as mint and jasmine should be avoided at night to avoid affecting sleep.

The herbal tea brewed with the roots, stems, leaves, flowers, or skins of plants has different colors and fragrant aromas, as if immersed in flowers and plants.

Take a deep sip of the fragrance of the flower, take a sip of clear tea, and the smoothness in the lungs is self-evident.

There are many types of herbal teas, and each kind of herbal tea has different effects.

As far as detoxification is concerned, we recommend:

Lemongrass :

It can help digestion, diuresis, moisturize the skin and prevent anemia. For those with oily skin, you can add water to clean the skin and promote blood circulation.

Verbena :

verbena tea

Verbena can strengthen the metabolism of the liver, relax the nerves, help digestion, and improve abdominal gas.

Can purify the stomach and lose weight, reduce excess fat.

Juniper :

juniper tea

It has the effect of strengthening stomach and diuresis, preventing cystitis, urethritis, and reducing joint pain.

Luoshenhua :

luoshenhua tea

Eliminates fatigue and constipation, and has diuretic and metabolic effects.

Bodhi :

bodhi tea

Diuretic, headache and anxiety, help digestion and eliminate puffiness.

Can eliminate toxins in the body, has a slimming effect.


Rose tea

The most beautiful beauty tea, can be combined with a variety of scented teas and fruit teas to increase taste and efficacy.


violet tea

Can relieve drunkenness, benefit the liver, eliminate eye fatigue, maintain the upper respiratory tract, and have the effect of treating colds and colds.

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