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Chickpeas – A Healthy Snack

Often when we sit in front of the TV, we look for sleepers. In most cases we find ourselves eating snacks and sweets that do nothing for us. Why not make us a very tasty and healthy snack? Delicious and satisfying chickpeas – the healthy substitute for the grains ..



Soak the dry hummus in a glass bowl for about 10-15 hours in clean water.

Their soaking daughter, strain the chickpeas and transfer them to a pot of cold, clean water plus baking soda and clean, washed celery stalks.

Cook for about an hour and a half – two hours until the berries are tender.

Drain well, transfer to a plate and add a little olive oil, salt and black pepperĀ 

You can squeeze a little lemon over the serving

Important – Do not add salt to the cooking water. The salt prolongs the softening of the legume in cooking

It is recommended to prepare large quantities, divide up portions and freeze

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