How To Make Almond Milk Using Almond Butter?

Can You Make Almond Milk Using Almond Butter?

If you search the internet for how to make almond milk, most sites, including this site, will instruct you to soak almonds for six hours to overnight.

Soaking raw almonds is the traditional way to make almond milk and there’s nothing wrong with soaking the almonds if you have time.

But there is definitely a much faster way to make almond milk by using almond butter that doesn’t sacrifice the taste.

There are several advantages to using almond butter to make almond milk:

You Eliminate The Soak Time: 

By using almond butter to make almond milk you eliminate entirely the need to soak the almonds and still achieve great tasting almond milk.

This is great if you want or need almond milk quickly.

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Eliminate the Need to Strain Pulp: 

Since almond butter is creamy it produces very little to no almond pulp to strain.  

This means you don’t need a nut milk bag, you don’t need a strainer and you don’t have messy hands to clean up!

You Use Less and Get More: 

Only two tablespoons of almond butter and two or three cups of water is really needed to make almond milk.

This means your one cup of almonds, made into almond butter, produces almond butter and almond milk!

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You Will Be Amazed: 

If you have never made almond milk from almond butter you will be amazed when the almond butter turns into frothy white almond milk.

If you are ready to give it a try, follow these steps to make almond milk using almond butter:

1-Ingredients To Make Almond Milk Using Almond Butter

  • 1 cup of almonds
  • 2 cups of water
  • Sweetener (Optional): Agave nectar or cinnamon or vanilla extract or vanilla bean, dates, strawberries or chocolate powder.
  • food processor
  • 1 blender
  • container for almond milk – glass or plastic
  • +Twenty minutes of faith, persistence and patience 
  • +A decent time of day – to ensure your food processor doesn’t wake up the neighbors or anyone in your house because it will be running for about 20 minutes.
  • +Earplugs (Optional) – might be nice to have while standing near the food processor.

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2-Steps To Make Almond Milk Using Almond Butter

Step 1:

Take 1 cup of almonds and add to a food processor

Step 2:

Food process the cup of almonds until almonds appear creamy, approximately 20 minutes.

This requires patience, persistence and faith… especially in your food processor. 

At first the almonds will grind into flour and stick to the sides of the food processor.

Continue to process the almonds stopping every few minutes to press the almond flour on the sides down towards the S blade.

Eventually the almond flour will start to clump together and appear spreadable like peanut butter.

From almond flour to almond butter in about twenty minutes.

The twenty minutes can seem like forever because it seems impossible but it really works! To make raw organic almond milk in about twenty minutes is actually really fast when you consider you don’t have to soak the almonds.

Step 3:

Take the almond butter from the food processor and add it to a blender with 2 or 3 cups of water.

Add more water if you desire a thinner almond milk.

Step 4:

 Add sweeteners to blend with almond milk according to your desire and tastes.

You could use agave nectar, vanilla extract or vanilla bean, dates, strawberries, chocolate powder or cinnamon.

Almond butter and water. These two amazingly turn into almond milk

Step 5:

Blend for two to three minutes until all the almond butter is mixed into almond milk.

Here it is – the end product. Almond milk made from homemade almond butter. It works and tastes great. Give it a try.

Step 6:

Pour almond milk into a glass or plastic container

There you have it! Homemade almond milk without a cheesecloth, without almond pulp and without overnight soaking.

If you want to make almond milk even faster, almond butter can be purchased in stores or online.  

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