How to make vegan dumplings?

Dumplings are a small piece of dough or pastry wrapped around fish, meat, or vegetables and cooked in oil, steam, or boiling water.

When making vegan dumplings, you need to pay attention to the stuffing.

According to different personal tastes, you can choose different flavors vegan dumplings, food and nutrition in the tower with a certain base.

You can even develop your own favorite flavors, fillings directly determines the quality of the vegan dumplings.

How to Make Carrot Dumpling

1- Shred the carrot and chop.

2- Add salt, minced celery, oil and vegetable extract plus a small amount of cilantro, and make a filling, then you can make small dumplings.

3- One more thing to say is that it is not advisable to eat carrot stuffing dumplings and buns with vinegar, because acid can destroy carotene.

How to cook Chinese Cabbage and mushroom dumplings

1. Wash, chopped Chinese cabbage, put a little salt, yard 10 minutes, squeeze out the water and set aside.

2. Shredded shiitake mushrooms.

3. Olives minced (canned olives minced on the market).

4. Mix the other ingredients first, add mushrooms, oil, and salt to taste, then you can make your favorite vegan dumplings.

Be careful:

When making dumplings, try to make sure that the oil does not stick to the side of the dumpling skin, otherwise the dumpling skin will peel off when cooking!

In addition, when cooking dumplings, first boil the water, and then put in the dumplings, the amount of water should be appropriate. Wait 10 minutes.

Enjoy the vegan dumplings that you made yourself.


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