A yogurt maker is a kitchen appliance which is used to make yogurt using milk and plain yogurt.

It is a kitchen appliance that is found in many households and can cost as little as $20.

This handy apparatus works by keeping the mixture at the proper temperature so that the probiotic cultures can properly grow.

Some makers are also electric to go one step further in ensuring the ideal temperature is set.

You can use them to make any kind of yogurt, although if you want to know how to make Greek yogurt, you can skip ahead to the middle of this article as you’ll have to do an extra step.

Yogurt makers can be purchased online from kitchenware dealers at reasonable prices.

They can easily be removed into parts and cleaned separately at the user’s convenience.

It is an incredibly useful tool for creating dessert in a hurry since without one it will take much longer for the yogurt to be made, if at all.

With a little bit of searching you’ll discover that yogurt makers are very inexpensive and will quickly pay themselves off after just a couple of uses.

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How to Make Greek Yogurt

The process of making yogurt is incredibly simple and doesn’t require great philosophy.

Obtain some starter culture, either prepackaged or by just taking 1 cup of store-bought yogurt, and add it into milk which has just been boiled and cooled down to about 45 C.

Mix the two together for a few seconds and then seal everything into the yogurt maker or an air tight container.

Then just wait a few hours to make regular yogurt.

Greek yogurt requires one extra step in straining out the whey with a cheesecloth.

There are a few points to remember when learning how to make Greek yogurt using any common yogurt maker.

Remember to make sure your seed yogurt has first been warmed up to room temperature.

Be careful when boiling the milk as it causes a lot of excessive bubbling and can quickly make a mess if unattended!

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More Tips To Lookout For When Making Your Own Yogurt

The time you have to wait for the yogurt to finish will depend on the quality of your starter and the temperature it is left at.

If the temperature is too low, it may never ferment.

Homemade yogurt is easy to make, very versatile and healthy since you know exactly what was put into it.

Due to the slower culturing process it undergoes, you will usually end up with a thinner and smoother texture than store bought yogurt.

At the same time it will be much more nutritious.

It is also very cost-effective for people who like to eat lots of yogurt.

Homemade yoghurt can be served with a pie filling, or mixed into your everyday breakfast cereal.

It is simple, and while the process takes about 5-8 hours total, very little of it is hands-on time.

Homemade Greek yogurt will taste a little tangy, especially if used with raw fresh milk.

Greek yogurt has been an essential staple of the Mediterranean diet but can now be incorporated into your whole family’s diet in a variety of tasty ways.

And if you haven’t heard about it yet, you’ll be hearing more about it soon.

You only need 2 ingredients which can be obtained from any supermarket – milk and starter (or yogurt).

Now why not go ahead and use it to make some tasty dips, salad dressings, and sauces?

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