Today I bring you a recipe for hummus aka how to eat rich, vegan and healthy being lazy.

Hummus is a kind of chickpea puree, originally it has tahini that is a sesame seed paste.

I do not usually use it because the truth is that I do not spend much, and with the price it has, I do not feel like buying it for hummus.

What I usually have at home are ground golden flax seeds. I buy them whole and grind them in the coffee grinder (or seeds, because I have never used it to grind coffee! Hehehe).

And then I add them to some vegetable pate, salads, milkshakes … So you will know what the change is what have I done, right?

But if you have tahini at home you can use it perfectly, when I have it I use it.

How do you eat? Well, the hummus is delicious, so you can take a spoon and go crazy, or with toast, or with crudites, etc …

In this case I served it with some organic toasted whole wheat rye bread.

Do you want to know how I do it? Then read on …

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