Hummus Recipe

Today I bring you a recipe for hummus aka how to eat rich, vegan and healthy being lazy.

Hummus is a kind of chickpea puree, originally it has tahini that is a sesame seed paste.

I do not usually use it because the truth is that I do not spend much, and with the price it has, I do not feel like buying it for hummus.

What I usually have at home are ground golden flax seeds. I buy them whole and grind them in the coffee grinder (or seeds, because I have never used it to grind coffee! Hehehe).

And then I add them to some vegetable pate, salads, milkshakes … So you will know what the change is what have I done, right?

But if you have tahini at home you can use it perfectly, when I have it I use it.

How do you eat? Well, the hummus is delicious, so you can take a spoon and go crazy, or with toast, or with crudites, etc …

In this case I served it with some organic toasted whole wheat rye bread.

Do you want to know how I do it? Then read on …

Recipe Ingredients:

  • A pot of cooked chickpeas of 400 grams.
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic (I use two, removing the nerve).
  • 2 teaspoons ground golden flax seeds * or tahini.
  • The juice of a lemon.
  • Salt to taste.
  • A pinch of cumin.
  • A splash of extra virgin olive oil.
  • A little parsley and paprika from the sweet vera to serve.

To submit:

Olive oil for decoration

Sweet / sweet paprika for decoration

hummus recipe

How to make Hummus :

Hummus is the simplest thing in the world. Just rinse and drain the cooked chickpeas and put them in the blender glass.

Add the two garlic cloves (without the nerve), the two teaspoons of flaxseed, a pinch of cumin, salt to taste and a dash of extra virgin olive oil.

We cut the lemon and squeeze it on top by squeezing it with our hands.
And finally beat everything until you get a creamy consistency.

While you are beating go watching the texture, if you need it you can add a little more oil or water.

Serve with some sweet paprika from the side, some parsley and a pinch of extra virgin olive oil.

  Notes: Flax seeds are bought whole and I use this grinder to grind them. 

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