Yes, autumn is here! And with it a huge range of colours, yummy fruits and vegetables.

Fall is very underrated!  Fall comes with one of my favourite vegetables – PUMPKIN! and also one of my favourite holidays – Halloween and mexican Dia de los Muertos

To top it all …orange is my favourite colour, no wonder I love Autumn!

For me this season is all about comfort food and sunny chilly days! It’s literally the perfect set up to roast some vegetables and, this recipe, is all about bright orange and flavour.

Pumpkins – apart from being beautiful – they are packed with high levels of Vitamin C, which helps the immune system and encourages collagen production for the skin.

They are also a great source of fibre and are also high in carotids (giving them the orange colour) helping prevent premature ageing. 

I never use to like lentils as a kid and now I can’t stop eating them! There are so many varieties and they are very easy to cook. 

Lentils, as part of legumes, are very high in protein, containing 17.9g per cup.

They are very low in cholesterol and high in fibre which makes you feel satisfied after a serving.

For this recipe I used a lot of Rosemary, the taste and smell is very comforting to me.

Also, I found out it has a lot of health benefits – it helps stimulating the immune system, increase circulation and improving digestion.

Rosemary is also anti-inflammatory. In addition, it has been shown to increase the blood flow to the head and brain, improving concentration.

No wonder Rosemary tea is recommended to alleviate flu symptoms.

Here is a very easy recipe, great for an autumn cosy rainy day, so get roasting! Enjoy!


1 medium size Pumpkin
1 medium size Onion
2 red Apples
1 big bunch of Rosemary
100 g of Lentils of any kind
3 Tbsp of Apple cider vinegar
1 tsp of Agave syrup
Olive oil
Salt & Peeper


1. Give the pumpkin a good wash and slice it. Place it on a tray and drizzle with olive oil, add salt and pepper. Roast the pumpkin with a bunch of rosemary in the oven at 200°C for 20 to 30 min, until turns brown on the edges.

2. Wash and cook lentils in salty water. The time of cooking depends on the kind you are using, read instructions on the bag.

3. Cut the apples into thin slices, cut onions and mix with the apple cider vinegar, 4 Tbsp of olive oil and agave syrup. Add salt and pepper. 

4. Place the roasted pumpkin on a plate, add a couple spoons of lentils and top with the apples/onion salad and the liquid of it. Sprinkle a little of raw Rosemary for extra taste.

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