Who said being vegan is complicated? A perfect recipe for an airy, indulgent vegan pancake that only requires two ingredients!

Careful, addictive recipe!

Because vegan pancakes are such a treat, which is totally bizarre given that they’re made with just a couple of ingredients and are essentially fried batter.

It shows that pretty much any food can be given an aura of giddy excitement and occasion – especially when there’s an entire day devoted to them.


A cup of flour will swell

A cup of vanilla flavored soy milk


The milk should be mixed with the flour.

In a lightly greased, lightly frying pan, pour a little of the batter (depending on the size of the desired pancake) and wait for bubbles to form over the pancakes. 

When you notice the bubbles, turn the pancakes and wait until their bottom side is brown.

enjoy your meal and forget to take a look at this vegan pancakes recipes

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